Saturday, July 9, 2016

Sort of new - nuntium duocentesimum duodetricesimum

Didn't sell a single dragonfly, not a one.  Everyone liked them and wanted to touch them but that's it.  Lots of stories about grandma, aunt, great aunt and cousin who tatted so that part is fun.  And a lot of "Tatting is a lost art".  I never know what to say so I just smile and say "I found it!"

In another effort to have something for the craft show, I wanted to make something else.  I had this wonderful rayon thread (79 cents so it must be old).   It's not very original but here they are.

My daughter said the beads on the purple one look like rice.  No matter what, these were popular.  Much easier to make.  Huh.


  1. Been there heard it all, even had some call it crochet even though it's marked tatting, some days they just keep their money in their pockets we call them the four p's day, pick up, play about, put down and piss off.
    Hope the next time will be better

  2. Darn! I was hoping you'd have good luck with those cute dragonflies! It's all about the $ these days, not the quality or art.

  3. You never can tell what's going to sell. The flower clips are very pretty.

  4. It's so hard to predict what will be popular. I hope you had a good time though.

  5. I'm so sorry your dragonflies didn't sell. I gave up on craft booths years ago for that very reason. I just do things that please me, and if someone is visiting, I let them choose from my stash.

  6. Too bad about the dragonfly earrings. It's hard to guess what will sell well and what won't. I'm glad these clips were well received, they are cute, too. And if easier to make, that's good, too.

  7. These are so cute !!!
    Wish there was some way of 'testing the waters' to pre-determine what to make for sale.

  8. It's too bad sales weren't good. When all those many people tell me that tatting is dead, I used to get a little (internally) frosted. Finally I designed a little sign that Kathy and I post when we're demonstrating lacemaking. It reads "We're living proof that tatting isn't dead!" People still say it but now I have a sign that I point to and say nope, we still do it!

    Hope to see you in a few short weeks!



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