Tuesday, February 19, 2013

nuntium centesimum undecimum (111th post) comfort tat

Interesting.  Diane the LLL asked what our "comfort tat" was a while ago.  I thought mine was Victats "simple heart" but I just found out it's not!  Two weeks ago on Wednesday we found out that our niece was to be confirmed on the following Sunday (that wacky Catholic church announcing things at the last minute- no, just the parents).
My husband went to the wonderful St. Patrick's Guild for a special card and gift but somehow it didn't seem complete without a cross bookmark so I whipped up this little guy.  I think it's Mary Konior- I don't even know anymore but was just so wonderful to tat and almost comforting.  So there you go.  My comfort tat.

not #2 because I've made a zillion
Thread - Oliver Twists which Diane turned me on to.  I have no idea what the size is but I imagine it's either size 70 or marginally smaller.

Have I turned into the wacky aunt who makes you useless stuff that you have to smile and accept?  Oh well!

Latin for today:  matertera - maternal aunt OR amita = paternal aunt.


  1. I learned to tat specifically to be that Auntie...since Grandma isn't here to give a tatted bookmark to mark these occasions anymore. It's an important thing in my book :-) I treasure the ones I recieved from her :-) !!!

    1. You know I never thought of it that way before! Brilliant- for the next generation.

  2. you can't be the giver of useless things when bookmarks are so useful. Good to have a comfort tat that you don't need to study a pattern for. And that is a pretty cross.

  3. That is a lovely bookmark, it's alright this is a wacky lady who makes things people say its lovely and then put in a draw, do I care, no I think to give something homemade, they either like it or not.
    I like the pattern and a great comfort pattern.

  4. Michelle muy lindo este marcador me encanta el color.Besos.

  5. I'm devastated that I've been bumped! It never hurts to give someone something special. I've found over the years that its that kinda stuff that people remember and appreciate.

  6. Oh, not really! I still love the simple heart!


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