Sunday, February 17, 2013

nuntium centesimum nonum (109th post) TIAS

I really did do the TIAS as it was happening but these days, it's either tatting, teaching, correcting, prepping, reading blogs or blogging.  Blogging seems to just slip off the plate. 

So here are the pictures of the little pram as they occurred - except the ones that have disappeared?  I suspect I'll find those in June.

And a huge thank you to Jane who made some crazy days in January a little brighter and warmer.

day 2

day 3
day 4


day 6
day 10
day 11 (motif #25)Lizbeth size 20, Scottish Thistle and Dk Purple (Dk Green was a disaster)
One of the off-shoots of this is that I might be running a mini-TIAS in the future!  My students were so excited to see this happen and guess what it was.  Jane might have said that she would help me do one for my students privately but then she was in the middle of a zillion emails so might have just been giddy.  Maybe there are others who would like to try a junior TIAS because they have just started tatting.  So, keep an eye here, pros will be allowed to participate too- haha!

And three of those students have mastered split-rings!  I'm so proud of them.  Here are some pictures of young hands doing something it took me 30 years to learn!

Aren't they brave?

Latin for today:  eos admiror = I admire them!


  1. A great teacher makes all the difference.

  2. Thank you, my friend. That' the whole ball of wax in a nutshell.

  3. To have fantastic students, you need a fantastic teacher who is enthused about the subject. congrats to both the students and the teacher.

    Pretty pram. And how interesting to have another TIAs coming.

  4. Thank you, very kind of you to say!

  5. Your students, have a wonderful teacher and they are proving to be great tatters.
    Lovely pram, I still have not started mine yet, just a question of trying to get my mojo working again with my tatting

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I hope you find your mojo soon, I love seeing your tatting and this one is fun, fun, fun!

  6. Jane's TIAS certainly did help brighten my January days! I love the colors you've used. I may have to make a few more for my newest granddaughter, who will be making her grand appearance the end of March. It's great practice for split rings!

    A mini- TIAS for your students sounds fantastic! It's great to see pictures of so many young hands learning a technique that took me until this winter to complete to my satisfaction!

    1. Thank you- I was not happy with my color choice but I do think this would be darling on a card for a new baby. I think your little granddaughter will find the pram in the future and be enchanted by it.

  7. I enjoyed the TIAS for a few minutes every couple of days too - it was fun to guess and look forward to the next step/clue. It will be fun to see the kids participate in a TIAS too.

    You are such a special teacher to make the time to teach these kids how to tat on top of regular classwork - and they are so lucky to have you! Just inspiring the kids to enjoy learning something new is valuable in my book.

    1. Thank you- that's very kind. They are very fun and excited to learn and it's just plain wonderful to share tatting (something else I love) with them. They are a hoot!

  8. This years TIAS was a lot of fun (but when aren't they?) and I love the baby buggy results :-) Everyone in my house got involved witht he guessing, too. I'm glad your tatting students are having fun and are so excited about it. Good luck with doing a TIAS. I think it would be a lot of fun to conduct one but a lot of work, too.


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