Sunday, February 17, 2013

nuntium centesimum decimum (110th post) poinsettia

I'd like to do the 25 motif challenge again.  To begin here's something I've been working on for two months on and off.  I love poinsettias and thought I'd give a tatted one a go.  I used a modified version of Frivole's leaf (la feuille Frivole) and made 14 reds and 6 greens.  Then I put them together with some wonderful yellow beads.  My original intention was to tat the yellow but it just wouldn't work so beads seemed like the best idea.

motif #1 on my coat
on the counter with a formica background
What do you think?  I'm pleased with it.

Latin for today:  canis meus id non consumpsit = My dog didn't eat it.


  1. Aha! It turned out well with the beads!

  2. This is terrific, Michelle. Love the colour of the yellow beads...they are wonderful with the tatting. Good call.
    Fox : )

  3. Wonderful! Well done. The leaf pattern works well as a pointsettia leaf.


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