Thursday, February 21, 2013

nuntium centesimum tredecimum (113th post)

Peacock heart - from Birgit's tatting
 This is not a new motif to me, I tried it last year but with a different variegated thread so it didn't work too well.  With Grape Splash whose changes are less dramatic, I like it!
I'm pleased with this!

Vicki Clarke's ruffled heart motif #3
 I won't make this one again!  Nothing wrong with the pattern but I found the ruffles frustrating and twisty and too much torment for me to enjoy tatting. (Sorry Vicki- it really is a nice one!)

Betsy Evan's heart
I liked this one.  Almost done with hearts now.

Latin for today:  cor meum tene = Take my heart.


  1. All of those hearts are nice. I have not made Vicki's heart although it is on my "someday when there is time" to do list. Which may mean never, as I need to catch up on my committed projects first and those seem to keep cropping up.

  2. I like the Grape Splash - very pretty colorway. All the hearts look great - and your tails are always so neat and pretty with the quick little motif thrown in.

  3. Very beautiful and fabulous colors!!! :)

  4. They are all beautiful, love your hearts and your tails are delightful.

  5. Wonderful hearts, great color, and beautiful finishing with the decorative tails with small motifs and the spiral chains, and tassels!


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