Sunday, July 29, 2012

nuntium octagesimum primum (81st post)

Travel time!  We just came back from North Dakota.  My wonderful husband loves to drive which means I get to tat after the origami mice are done.  I have the students use origami mice to learn prepositions in 6th grade Latin which means I have to make them- I use car time to get them done.

I finally had enough time to make Frivole's Minuet.  I made it twice because I goofed up on the first one but I LOVED making the second.  Just harmonious and pleasing to do.
motif #3

I used Jess!' Calliope to make one of the Julie Patterson bookmarks, Petals from Just Marking Tome.  I missed a join and have picots where they aren't supposed to be.  My elder daughter loves it so it disappeared right after I took this picture.
motif #4

This one is called Magic Moment from Rachael Mohler made with a Messy Jess!y which looks just like cotton candy.
motif #5

Don't forget to notice the Quatrain progress bar too!

 Latin for today: quis me amat, amat et meum canem. = Love me, love my dog.


  1. Lovely motif, I have not had time to try this one yet, the pattern is waiting for me.
    Lovely bookmarks,
    Your saying today is very true, it was the same question my husband had before we got married

  2. Minuet looks beautiful in the colours you chose and your tatting is really lovely. Can't wait to see a picture of your Quatrain runner, want to see what 37% looks like!

  3. very nice tatting, and Yeah! on the Quatrain runner progress.
    Hope your weekend in ND wasn't too hot and that you had a good time.

  4. Origami mice speaking Latin?? - more, please. I can still recite O Fons Bandusia, but there were no mice in Mother Craig's classroom in 1965......

    1. Ha-ha! Well, we don't quite get to Horace in 6th grade but if you've ever seen the Minimus ( books, you'll understand the mouse. It's very clever and works well.

    2. What wonderful books! - so much more child-friendly than pushing us into the deep end with Caesar at the age of eleven half a century ago!
      Latin is practically non-existent in the Australian curriculum these days - very much an outside study.As I keep bemoaning to the parents of my grandchildren - who pay no attention - education is no longer - it's all about training and computers.The pendulum will swing, but probably not in my lifetime.

  5. Everything showing is so beautiful!!! Love the colors and designs!! :)

  6. Michelle, gracias por tu visita.Escribiste correctamente.Muy bellos todos los trabajos.Besos.

  7. I love this motif! It is in my high school colors so that put it over the top! I really like the chains that alternate in colors! KF


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