Wednesday, July 4, 2012

nuntium septuagesimum septimum (77th post) Patriotic earrings

Happy 4th of July!  My sister asked me if I could make some red, white and blue earrings so I gave it a little try.  They're nothing special but the thread makes them kind of shine.  I was working on them while with my dear friend from England.  She thought they were Jubilee earrings!
motif #25 (start again!!!)

As you know, I am enchanted with Frivole's Flowering Quatrain Bookmark so I made it again with my new favorite (thanks to Diane) Oliver Twists.  I love the delicate variegation in these threads.

Two posts in two days!  Woowhee!

Latin for today: percalidissimum hodie est = It's really hot today!


  1. Cute earrings!
    and WOW sooooo tiny! It looks gorgeous, good job!!

  2. pretty earrings, and a very nice bookmark. you are right about the subtle variations.
    it was hot today. 101 here in ND with 88% humidity. now at 12:30 pm it is down to 75 and about 69% humidity, so let's hope the heat wave is going, going, gone.

  3. Great earrings, very effective. And is that really just one strand of Oliver Twist for the bookmark? They do have such pretty gentle variegated shades.... - but so fine! I have a couple, maybe I should give them a try (goes to get her glasses out...)

  4. Great earrings, yes your friend from the UK would say they were jubilee earrings, I agree with her, but I am going to add the Olympics living in the uk they would be idea to support the our national team

    Your bookmark is gorgeous, love the colour


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  6. I love the earrings! Very patriotic... I can almost feel them dangling from my ears.

    The Flowering Quatrain bookmark is on my to-do list, but I'm still having trouble with split rings... just can't get my left hand/arm to cooperate. Maybe I need a trip to Minnesota!

  7. Los pendientes son muy lindos ,sencillos y patrioticos y el marcapáginas es precioso creo que algún día lo haré.Besos.

  8. I think the earrings look great. I guess we're kind of arrogant to think we're the only ones that can refer to 'the red, white, and blue' as our personal colors :0
    The bookmark looks good, too. It's a very pretty pattern.

  9. Those earrings are awesome!!! And the bookmark is stunning!!! :)


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