Friday, July 20, 2012

nuntium undeoctagesimum (79th post) more roses

Tomorrow is the big day!  Our neighborhood flea market starts at 8:00.  It promises to be about 92 tomorrow so if you never hear from me again, it's because I've melted.  But I'm thrilled to be hanging out with my darling girl all day and to be showing tatting to whoever shows up.  My wonderful husband is going to be our "pit crew", taking care of everything for us.  Aren't we spoiled?
I came up with this and am thrilled with it.
motif #1 (the leaves)

I made quite a few of Jeanne's roses last year and tried this, thanks to seeing Julie R's lovely pins.  Thanks for the idea, Julie!
The model is my husband!
And even though this isn't my own idea (I saw them on Artlotus Handmade), I made up the very simple pattern myself.
motif #2
Not my husband!
This two-toned rose might be my favorite.
My hand- picture taken with my LEFT hand!
Okay, time for bed - it's an early start tomorrow!

Latin for today = citius elephantum sub ala celes = You'd more quickly hide an elephant under your arm (akin to "When pigs fly...").  This is not my own but I found it on this wonderful blog.  It's from Erasmus.


  1. Still love your roses! Essprecially the last picture with the two tones.

  2. Wunderschöne Arbeiten! Ich wünsche viel Erfolg beim Flohmarkt.

    1. Thank you so much! We're sitting at home because it's raining and raining and raining. Sigh.

  3. What fun! I'll think of you while I sit inside with air conditioning and two fans running. It's 61 now, but we're supposed to get up to 90 today. I prefer a temperature range of 60 - 85... not too picky! ;-)

    1. Sitting inside at home! RAIN, RAIN, RAIN - and lightning.

  4. oh goodness, hope the weather clears up so you can have your fun time.
    maybe the storm will clear the air and the heat will go away for a while. (yeah... wishful thinking I know)
    the roses really look nice.

    and your bracelets are very pretty. very nice pattern you came up with.

  5. How sweet for your husband to model your hairclip!! :o) How sad for it to be raining. Was the event cancelled or postponed?

  6. I hope the sale went well and the rain did not spoil it.
    Your tatting is lovely

  7. Well, the rain stopped and we went about 9:30am. I only sold one ring (to my sweet sister) and a cross bookmark. I gave out several Twin Cities tatters' cards for people who are interested in learning but only a few even glanced at the rings. Oh well.
    But the girls sold quite a few earrings, so a success in the end! (And boy, did it get HOT!)

  8. For the record, I would have bought a ring in a heartbeat! ;-) The hair-clips and ring are gorgeous! Those roses terrify me, but you've made them look so lovely that I might just have to try them ...someday. LOL. ;-)

    The bracelets are adorable, too! I love their... I want to say simplicity, but that's not what I want to say, LOL. Their.. Their... lack of needless frill. :-) That works. LOL.

    Stephanie Grace

  9. Love your beautiful rose clips! much nicer than my little pretties for my sweet girl, that was very kind of you to mention and link to mine! Thank you :-). Love your bracelet as well...and the rings are gorgeous!

  10. Lovely roses and I like the bracelets, hope you have a good day

  11. Everything looks so wonderful!!! :)


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