Monday, July 23, 2012

nuntium octagesimum (80th post) results

You would think that by my age I wouldn't need to seek affirmation of others.  For the most part that's true but I will confess to being quite glum on Saturday evening after the flea market.  Several factors conspired against us but the biggest one was rain.  We were supposed to set up between 7am-8am but around 6:30, it starting pouring, with lightning and thunder.  My daughter was sure we could set up anyway but we finally convinced her that hanging out on a wide, open area with metal poles and lightning wasn't the wisest course of action.

We did eventually go around 9:30 but most of the other "vendors" did not come.  Only a few tables means people driving by don't stop.  And then it was HOT.

But some people did come.  My daughter with her $2 earrings and adorable salesmanship charmed quite a few.  Even my other daughter who wasn't even there managed to sell some. (Good mommy!)  And of course my dear sister who is always so supportive and her husband drove from the other side of the city to buy a ring- very sweet.

But most people just glanced at the tatting or and some not even that.  Only one person said anything about the rings which I was sure were SO wonderful and interesting.  I'm not sure they understood it was tatting although I did have little signs out by them.  I also took several cross bookmarks and two Quatrain bookmarks simply because I had them in the house and sold one of the crosses (wow!).  Several people told me they'd tried tatting but gave up. They got Twin Cities Tatters' cards and I invited them to join us.  One young man (maybe 20) was very interested in learning- hopefully he'll give it a try.

In the meantime, I've finally scanned my Grandma's giant box of Workbasket magazines. There were about 30 years worth and now I have 108 new patterns- haha-as if I didn't have enough before.  If anyone has a Workbasket and would like the pattern instead of working with the book, just send me an email with month/year and I'll send it to you electronically. No point in both of us scanning it.

I'm still working with the roses and here's my latest (and I suspect last) creation.  It's interesting but not very practical.

I ordered some HDT from Jess! and she added a lovely bobbin of Ladybug which she created for me.  Interestingly red, white and black are our school colors so I think I'll try my easy bracelet again with that.  And I can't wait to try the other colors, they have some wonderful names and are gorgeous in real life.
Ladybug is on the bobbin
Off to tat now, summer is so wonderful!  Yay!

Latin for today:  rem acu tetigisti!  = You hit the nail on the head (or literally, you touched the thing with a needle)


  1. I think we all crave the affirmation of others, and I'm sure you would have received more if the weather had cooperated!

    I love your bracelet!

  2. Your bracelet is beee-uuuuuu----ti-fulllll!!! I love it! And I think you are a wonderful and talented tatter. And I'll wager many others in Tat-land share my humble opinion. So there.
    Fox : ))

  3. Aw, that's very, very nice- thank you!!!!

  4. I agree with Fox, the bracelet is pretty special. I've been there on having my tatting out for sale or show and had people (non-tatters) not appreciate it much. But I think your tatting looks great! Keep putting it out there - the ones that do 'get it' can give you a warm, fuzzy feeling when they appreciate it.

  5. So sorry you did sell much, but you are correct the lack of other vendors and few people strolling by made a big difference.
    you tatting looks very good in the bracelet, an interesting different idea.
    Have fun with the new threads.

  6. It's their loss, those fools! Someday, they're going to be thinking back and wishing they'd just lingered longer and noticed the glory of your rings!

    I love the bracelet! The colors are gorgeous and the tatting is wonderful! A part of my brain is wondering, though, since you said it wasn't very practical, if you couldn't string some light green thread through the leaves and make a beautiful headband for a little girl. It could be a great multipurpose heirloom in a family. "Your great-great-grandmother wore this as a headband when she was a baby, and then as a bracelet at her prom and wedding, as did your great-grandmother, and your grandmother..." You can call it impractical all you like, but I see it as loaded with potential for a new family tradition! :-P

    I'm not even going to comment on the threads, other than to say that my town colors are the same as Ladybug and that I'm jealous! :-P

    Stephanie Grace

  7. I had my first taste of setting up a table to show my tatting a few weeks back. From that one experience, I noticed that the small stuff are attracting more attention. I also realised that many don't know about tatting and if I did not approach them first they would just take a glance at my table and walk off.

    Your rose bracelet is lovely.

  8. I read you post with interest, I do a craft table once a month, inside ( in the uk we would not get many in the year if we put it outside) It the same in the uk, some people say that there grandmother did tatting or the have no idea what it is and how it is made. A couple of years ago I had a woman look at my snowflakes she asked what kind of machine made it, I told it was made with my hands, I got out my shuttle and tried to explain to her that it was made by a machine but my hands, she said they were nice and walked off, she either did not understand or thought I was a machine, whatever I should have charged her for the demo.
    It seems people world wide need to wake up to tatting, I had a comment on my bookmarks yesterday by someone who has no idea and thought it might be either knitting or crochet, I sent her an email ans she says she's no wiser and going to look it up, so hopefully she will learn something today. I have had tatting on my blog since I started it, so she must have seen it before.
    Your bacelet is lovely.
    Have a nice day

  9. Salve Magistra,
    Do you make commissioned pieces at all?
    There are a series of Ghanaian Symbols called the "Adkinkra" which refer to all a manner of sayings beliefs and cultural axioms. This concept of "Tatting" is new to me...(and required a few posts before I realized that it wasn't a pun I was too slow to catch. As such, I'm interested in seeing what else can be done!
    si tu currentem vides, tituba femina me sequentem.
    Leo Psittaccus (Although...i'm thinking of going by Syphax...something almost batman villanous about it)

    1. I just looked at a very basic site with them! Gorgeous! Some of them would really lend themselves to tatting and others would not as much. Is there a particular one you have in mind?

  10. What a beautiful bracelet!!! :)

  11. Yo encuentro hermosa la pulsera :). Cariños desde Chile


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