Monday, July 16, 2012

nuntium duodeoctagesimum (78th post) rings

Our neighborhood is having another "Staycation" (which now has a new name) and part of the deal is a flea market.  Last year we tried it and my younger daughter made and sold a ton of earrings.  Me- just one little "cardstock with a butterfly on it" bookmark.  We did meet a young college student who wanted to learn tatting (and she did- yay!)

Last year the table space was $20 but this year it's on a donation basis- wahoo!

So here's my new thing:
What do you think?  I'm sure you recognize Jeanne Lugert's roses and the green is just a little 5-ring 5-p-5  with 15 on the chains in a variety of picots or even none.  I saw this idea on a French blog I just found from Fleur.  I asked her for the pattern and was delighted when I found out it was Jeanne's (especially since I had to write to her in France to find out that the pattern comes from someone in just the next state over!)  Take a moment to look at Fleur's blog, she has some very interesting designs.
I like this color combo.

I especially like this one because of how the green "collar" turned out. 

 We also did mod podge on a ton of mint tins.

Fun, but a LOT more work than I though they would be.  These two are my favorites:

But can I sell any of it?  I don't know and I sure don't know what to ask for them.  Any suggestions?

In other very exciting news, we met last week for Twin Cities Tatters.  Both of my daughters joined us and the younger made her very first ring!

Then she put it down and decided she'd had enough.  They both say they like tatting but I suspect they learned to humor me.  Even if they don't do it for 20 years, the skill will be always be theirs and they will be able to pick it up again, I hope.

Darling Husband is having surgery today and I'd love to give Frivole's Minuet a whirl but I'm going to be good and get my school work done.  If I don't take anything there except the computer, I should be able to do it, right? 


Latin for today:  anulus meus non commodus est! = My ring doesn't fit!


  1. Did not recognise the pattern, but must make the rose now! They look fabulous, I like the chunkie metal ring findings, where did you get them from? In fact everything you have for sale looks so tempting and I am sure it will sell, but sorry have no idea what to charge, especially coming from England where sadly, for the most part, people are not prepared to pay much for hand crafted goods these days.
    I am sure your daughter will pick a tatting shuttle up again when she is older, its like riding a bike, you never forget!

    1. The rings are from JoAnn's- are they in England? They have these wonderful coupons every week. Thank you for your kind words, the roses are really easy and fun.

  2. I love both the rings and the tins. I think you start with a higher price and go down if you see too many people just walking on by. I think the tins with tatting should start at $12, the tins with jewels $10 and the other decorated tins about $8. The rings should definitely go for $12 or even $15. If you were at one of the craft shows around here, those prices wouldn't be high at all. But I know that I am more likely to make an impulse buy if the price is a bit lower.

    1. Thanks- this is great! I'll give it a try and report back next week. :) I wonder about this because it's billed as a flea market so maybe it won't be the right audience. We'll see!

  3. Sadly there are no JoAnns in England but perhaps I will find one when over for the Palmetto tat days in September, the findings will be on my shopping list if I do! I wish you well in selling the items.

  4. Love, love, love the roses! And those tins are darling! If they don't sell, you'll have lots of little project boxes! ; )

  5. Love the roses, the tins are gorgeous sorry I would not know what to ask them in dollars.
    I hope your husband gets well soon and the op goes well.
    I am sure your daughter will take up tatting one day, maybe sooner than you think.
    Take care my thoughts are with you

    1. Thanks, Margaret! He's doing well, home and happy. My daughter read the blog yesterday, which she never does, and said, "That's not true- I LOVE tatting". Haha!

  6. best wishes for a speedy recovery for your dh.
    Thanks for the roses plug. I like to see what people do with them, they are so easy.
    The rings are very pretty and the tins are wonderful.
    as for prices, I think Theresa had some good ideas. but you also need to think about what the materials cost you and if you need to get paid for your time, or if you count that as therapeutic and just do it.

  7. Replies
    1. Merci d'avoir écrit! J'ai oublié où j'ai trouvé cette idée mais maintenant j'ai écrit un petit mot de votre blog.

  8. Lovely rose rings.

    How did you attach the rose to the ring? I've got to find them to get it a try.

    Cute tins!

    1. I attached the roses to the green "collar" and then glued the collar to the very flat top of the ring. I used mod podge and it's very firmly stuck but I'm thinking of checking out "gorilla glue" too.

    2. For the new ones, I used the long threads from the rose to tie it to the green "collar" then glued that with 3-in-1 advanced craft glue (makes me giggle)to the ring base. I did tie it on too but that was mainly while the glue dried.
      I tried to pull one of the mod podge ones off to redo it and it was REALLY stuck on there. It was possible but it took serious effort.

  9. Your roses are awesome and they make beautiful rings!!! :)
    Hope you do fabulous at the sale!!! :)

  10. Your 'new thing' is wonderful! Love the rings. Non nova sed nove - right??
    Fox : ))

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  12. I would use a picture I took of my son's family at a recent wedding.


    3in1 Advanced Craft Glue


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