Tuesday, August 7, 2012

nuntium octogesimum secundum (82nd post) Heart for Misha

I have never test tatted anything before!  Wow, what a privilege.  I was able to tat Fox' Heart for Misha.  The pattern is easy to read and fun to make so I encourage you to get it here.
motif #6
And you will see why I dislike variegated thread for little motifs.  Unfortunately this thread does not do the heart justice.  I plan to tat it again. Soon. This was done with size 80 vintage Aunt Rose-E thread.

motif #7
I also made this Julie Patterson Just Marking Tome "Eye Spy" with thread from Jess!  You can see here that the variegation worked up very nicely with this Mindanao Gum colorway, size 40.  I don't see it listed anymore but she's so accommodating, I'm sure you can connive your way into some by sending a message to her.

And now for the ramblings of a teacher in August:
I'm always intrigued by how many of readers comment on the Latin in this blog.  For me, there is no way to separate it out from life but I love reading about your memories and (sometimes) fierce defense of this "dead" language.  (We just like to think of it as very stable, not dead).

I've been thinking a lot about school (go back next week) and what will be.  We are instituting a 1-to-1 iPad initiative in the 6th grade.  The prospect is exciting and daunting.  I love technology and use it in my classroom ALL the time but it's very important to remember that technology isn't going to make a bad teacher good (or a good teacher bad) and this is where things get lost.  It's a tool like a scissors or an overhead projector.  If I don't know what to do with them (or for that matter the students), no point.  It tickles me to no end that despite amazing technology, students still love it when we get out the white boards and markers.  They beg for it.  They LOVE blue days (we have a rotating schedule with four "colored" days) when I teach them Roman history.  Just a lecture with some pictures.  "More, more, more".  Imagine.

I'm thinking of making audio files for practicing Latin à la Pimsleur method.  They would match the concepts we're learning in class but with different vocabulary.  Anybody interested in trying them?  They'll be 15 minutes long and hopefully painless to do - and gratis.  We'll be starting at the beginning so even if you don't know any Latin, you could do it.  If there's interest, I'll put them on the blog, if not, no biggie.  I have a captive audience waiting for me in two weeks.  tee hee.

I've done it again- used my tatting time to blog.  Ugh.  Wish I could figure out a way to do both!

Latin for today:  diei aestivi mihi maxime arrident = I really love summer days. 


  1. I really love how your bookmark turned out with the Mindanao Gum. This colorway is one my absolute favorites and I will definitely be doing some more. :o)
    ipads for 6th graders? wow. So how does that work, do the kids have to purchase their own or are they provided? Do they take them home?

  2. We start the 22nd, and I can hardly wait! I made my annual visit to the teacher store today and stocked up. What will I do when I retire?

    I've purchased Fox's pattern, and I went shopping for findings today... what a disappointment! So, I went shopping at Firemountain Gems... much better!

    I would love to have the iPad initiative at our school, but I don't see it coming any time soon. I'll just take my iPad with me and see how much we can accomplish on an individual basis. One free app that I had a lot of fun with last year was Peek. It works in conjunction with Evernote. You can create lessons that allow students to Peek at the question, then the answer. There was a sample lesson in French, so why not Latin? I'd love to see your Latin lessons!

  3. Yes please! - I'd love to re-learn Latin after all this time. But I have Ginny Weathers staying with me just now, and we are busy!!! - so I might have to start late and catch up.

  4. I would enjoy the vocab lessons. I am still working through the latin books you sent. I remember some of the rules for pronunciation, but would like to do better then I am. It helps when singing songs in Latin for Holy Days at Church.

  5. Is it already school time? Where has the summer gone?

    Thank you for test-tatting Heart For Misha. I love your rendition and appreciate the fact that it is tatted with Aunt Rose-E's vintage thread! Bonus!

    Winnie Ille Pu is terrific for people trying to get back to Latin... You can go through it with the English version. Fun!
    Fox : )

  6. Here in the UK they go back to school in the first week of September, so they still have a few more weeks to go, no wonder they get bored.
    Your heart looks lovely and the bookmark wow what a gorgeous colour, really puts the wow in that bookmark

    I have never tried Latin but would have a go, I think of Latin as something like tatting it's not dead just resting until someone starts learning, then they get hooked and theres another tatted or speaking Latin in the world.

  7. I love all your tatting but that book mark is particularly stunning with Jess's HDT

  8. I think your heart is really very pretty!! :)
    And the bookmark looks wonderful!! :)


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