Monday, August 27, 2012

nuntium octogesimum quintum (85th post) Camptown Ladies sing this song

Doo-Dads!  Doo-dads!  Anyone else been singing that crazy song since Diane started her Doodad dare?  If not I'm sorry I just gave it to you!
I just knew I had to do Fox' Athalia with the Doodad I got from Diane.  This is Lizbeth size 20 and I got to practice my new-found josephine spiral technique too!

motif #11

I even managed frontside/backside on this one. 

Sorry this is so short but it's school, tatting or blogging.  I'm just so pleased to have tatted anything!


  1. Very that turquoise thread! That makes a lovely bookmark with the tail that you added :-)

  2. very nice. I like that color and you did a great job with the tatting.

  3. Very pretty! I'm amazed at how the doodad in the centre 'changes' the look of each motif. This is really interesting. I gotta try tatting one myself.

  4. Lovely colour and gorgeous piece of tatting, well done, my doodads are in the post and it takes time to get across the pond to the UK. Diana has given everyone time to make her challenge, so if they don't arrive before we travel tomorrow for two weeks I can do it when I get home.

  5. Es muy lindo y el color turquesa es uno de mis favoritos.Besos.

  6. I love everything about this bookmark! Can't go wrong with Fox's great pattern and the combination of turquoise and silver! Your spiral tassel is so beautifully done! You're doing more tatting than I am, and DH and I are retired, although cooking and housework are still my 'job.' I didn't join the request for doo-dads because I have many sitting around here waiting for something to be done with them! I started searching when Jane was trying to find some that matched her favorites early on and discovered that the craft stores are carrying more and more varieties. Also, necklaces and earrings in those stores for teens are made up with these doo-dads. Bookmarks are a great idea for these as they provide 'weight' AND, of course, 'bling', and won't harm the book.

  7. Love the bookmark! Athalia certainly works well with those doodads. Fox certainly knew what she was doing. Boy, I sure wish I'd thought of using turquoise!

  8. So pretty as a bookmark. Great tail and such lovely thread.
    Fox : ))


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