Friday, April 14, 2017

Wanda's Branson bookmark -nuntium duocentesimum quinquagesimum quintum

I saw this on Wanda's blog.  The picture isn't very good but it's a cute bookmark.
I like this color, Lizbeth Grape Splash.

Yesterday was French day in school.  Wednesday after school, elder daughter and I plastered the school with postcards, posters and pictures about  all things French. It took us about three hours.  I have my own hallway into my classroom and we hung red, white and blue streamers there.  We had croissants with Nutella or Bonne Maman preserves.  The kids (and I) wore our berets all day, spoke French all day, played French Twister with the 6th graders, made and ate crêpes during class and in general had a great time.  After school I took everything down, another three hours...  But the smiles were well worth it!


  1. Your bookmark looks awesome!!!! :)
    Sounds like you are a fun teacher!!

  2. I love your bookmark! I think I may have been inspired to learn French if I'd had a teacher like you. However, Mrs. Larson was my Latin teacher and she sponsored a banquet every year, giving us a chance to wear togas!

  3. Love the bookmark, especially in that thread. When I was at school we had an Afrikaans day, similar to your French day. Good fun and a chance to show more of the culture rather than just the language.

  4. Beautiful bookmark,
    French day sounds a lot of fun, I wish my school days were as much fun, our teachers never did anything like that. Your children are so lucky to have a great teacher

  5. Great bookmark! Fantastic teacher!

  6. C'est très drôle de penser qu'un "French day" ressemble à cela! Le Nutella et la confiture Bonne Maman, les crêpes, je confirme. Mais les bérets... je crois qu'il y a des années que je n'ai pas vu quelqu'un en porter!!


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