Saturday, April 8, 2017

Blue ice drop - nuntium duocentesimum quinquagesimum tertium

I thought of Diane the Lace Lovin' Librarian the whole time I made this one!

What do we think of the graduated picots with beads?  I can't decide.  I love graduated picots but it seems like it should be an either/or but not both.

Thanks again for checking out my daughter's shop.  VERY, very kind of you all, I'm not surprised though.


  1. I like graduated picots. I like beads. What's not to love?

  2. Precioso, me encanta el color. Besos

  3. I'm with Diane I like both and your ice drop is Beauitful
    Well done

  4. I like the graduated picots AND the beads. Love that color blue ☺️

  5. So pretty! The beads are snugger on the small picots than the longer ones, so I'm inclined to agree either/or, though both are pretty.

  6. Fabulous Ice Drop!!! :) I think it looks great with the beads!! :)


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