Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Pendants? - nuntium duocentesimum quinquagesimum quartum

My sister said to make more pendants- she thinks we'll be able to sell them.  "We" because she sells my tatting to unsuspecting co-workers.  : )  I saw something similar on Pinterest so gave it a go.

I bet you've seen that combination before....  These are really little, just larger than a quarter.  I don't mind.  If I can sell them for a few dollars, that's more than was in my pocket this morning!

Today was an "exciting" day at school.  My computer crashed about 5 minutes after school started.  I mean really crashed.  Like the Tech guy (Jon- a superhero) had to reinstall the operating system.  Thankfully I had taught many years without a computer so I was able to punt.  Tech class was a bit challenging but the kids really rallied around and were very helpful as I was trying to present from memory on a different computer.  Seriously, anyone who tells you that middle schoolers are tough just simply doesn't spend time with them.  End of story- my computer is working again, just like before.


  1. What I love about tatting is that even a simple design, in wonderful variegated or hand-dyed threads, can be so eye-appealing. And it's always fun to sell an item, even if it is for a small amount, unless you worked on it for hours and hours!

    That's amazing about your computer - glad you got it back, but it gave you an opportunity to share an interesting 'moment' with the kids.

  2. Love the pendants! Good luck - I agree with your sister that they should be easy to sell.

    Computer issues - not so much love 😳

  3. I haven't seen it before, but I do like it! Hope they sell well. Hooray for your tech man, most of us would've been stumped for a lot longer.

  4. Great pendants! Your sister sounds like quite a saleswoman!

    I like 5th through 9th grade students the best! They're old enough that you can really teach them something, but they're not yet king of the hill. Most of them still know less than I do. ;-)

  5. Lovely pendants, hope she sells them for you.
    Today's world has to have a computer, I don't know what this new generation will do without the mobiles and computers, well done on teaching the old fashioned way.


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