Sunday, June 9, 2013

nuntium centesimum vicesimum (120th post) Tardis

It's been a while but now school is done.  My girls have birthdays only three weeks apart (and a few years) but they have become Whovians so I made them Anne Bruvold's Tardis.

Tardis motif #7
They were to go on Cindy's lovely tatting pouches but the tardis(es?) are too big.  So I think I'll get the Lizbeth Royal blue in size 80 so I make some to fit on the pouches.  So these then became bookmarks.  I'm not a true Dr. Who fan although I'm familiar with it enough to know the Tardis has a light on top which shines and spins so I made the tassel a little differently than usual.  This really bugs the organized part of me but the girls thought it wonderful.
One of the most exciting things about summer is that I have a chance to really cook.  During the school year, I don't get to do much except slapping things together.  Below is one of the family favorites, salade niçoise.

This is the true beginning of summer and we usually eat it on our lovely patio but not this year.  In fact, I even turned the heat back on this day because it was just too cold even with sweaters.  It takes me about 2 hours to make and I don't think I can express how happy it makes me to do it!  Almost as happy as uninterrupted tatting, I think.


  1. Nice Tardis bookmarks.
    My granddaughter was here a week or so ago and drawing a Tardis with one of the Etch-a-Sketches from the game cupboard and I was thinking of Anne's bookmark. I might have to make her one. Thanks for the inspiration.
    That salad looks delicious.

  2. I am not familiar with tardis or Dr Who but I am sure Whovians will love them. Happy Birthday to your girls. The nicoise salad looks delicious, Hmmm summer with sweaters is unusual.

  3. Nice boom mark! Happy birthday to your girls.

  4. Lovely tardies, I am sure they will both love them, I am not a Dr who fan anymore, I grow out of it. I hope both your girls have a happy birthdays.
    Your salad looks yummy.
    We had the best weather if the year last week, but it's back to changeable this week, I hope that's not all the summer we are going to get, our weather is dependant on the jet stream, last summer it was below the UK which meant back weather all summer, at the moment it is above the UK, although it was around 20c it would have been nice to be a big hotter.
    Have a nice day, hope it's a bit warmer for you today.

  5. I spent the summer watching Dr. Who and tatting two or three years ago... what fun! I have yet to tat a Tardis bookmark... maybe this will be the year! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Happy birthday to both your girls!

  6. Your salade niçoise looks amazingly tasty! Can I come over? It's a favourite in our family too. Glad you have a bit more time to tat and cook.


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