Monday, April 1, 2013

nuntium centesimum undevicesimum (119th post) DMC Tat

This medallion is from DMC Tat page 32, motif #21.  Allison wrote about this book on her blog so I followed the link and gave this a try.  I loved it and used Blue River Glades, size 20.  I love the colors and the shape so showed my husband.  He said he really liked it but didn't really care for the color!  (I liked it because of the colors and how they went together!)  Isn't that funny?  He's not one to say things meanly or strongly so when he does voice a negative opinion, I take note.

motif #6 with a tail
motif #6 with NO tail.
I wonder if I'll use the colorway again...

Thanks to those who asked, the van is all better to the tune of $,1647!  Yow.

Happy International Tatting Day!


  1. I am not one for most variegated threads, but I like this one a lot! I am surprised at your mate’s reaction... Maybe it is too delicate/Impressionistic for male appreciation?
    Fox : O

  2. I think it looks wonderful! Of course, that is one of my favorite colors. Wouldn't it look pretty as a sun catcher?

    Yow is right! I'm glad the van is back in commission. We're waiting for word on how much our van repair is going to be... fingers crossed that it's not too phenomenal! ;-)

  3. Love the motif - AND the colorway! I think I like this thread color even better than the Scottish thistle. Funny how color affects us all differently, isn't it?

    Vehicles are such a pain.

  4. Glad your vehicle is all better.
    I like the motif, and normally I like greens, but this colorway has never inspired me.
    To each his own, or wouldn't we all be boring.

  5. That pattern coupled with the variegated thread is BEAUTIFUL! That motif has become one of my favorites to tat with. I love the idea of making it a bookmark with a long tail! Happy Tatting Day! :)

  6. I like the colour and the motif. Variegated doesn't always work for motifs, but this is a subtle variegated and looks great. Sorry about the high cost of vehicle repairs!

  7. I think that looks beautiful and elegant!! :)

  8. Lovely motif, that pattern could be used for a snowflake,
    Happy international tatting day sorry its late I have been away for a few days

  9. Well, Michelle, I love your motif and Blue River Glades is one of my favourite ever colour ways! So your husband and I will have to agree to disagree! :-))
    I hope you will use it again.


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