Monday, June 10, 2013

nuntium centesimum primum (121st post) Lucky!

I'm a lucky pig!

Look what I wom from God's Kid way back on May 3rd! Isn't this just lovely and so kind?  There was already a winner and she sent me one too!  (And it's taken me this long to acknowledge and say thank you!)

So a HUGE thank you, God's Kid.  It made my day!!!

And here's some more cooking fun.  Our birthday cake is always the same, banana cake with chocolate frosting, usually in the form of a bundt cake.  My girls' friends even love it and know when they come for birthdays this silly cake will be there.  It's more like banana bread than anything but yummy!  This year younger daughter learned about cake/cupcake decorating during exploratory learning day and was so excited to decorate big sis' cake.  Here's the result.
Pretty darn cute.


  1. Congratulations on your win, Lovely cake decorating well done to your daughter.

  2. Lovely cake decoration ~ perfect birthday confection!!

  3. Banana and Chocolate, you can't go wrong. She did a very good job with the decorating.
    congrats on the haul.

  4. Yum! My mouth is watering! I couldn't decorate a cake to save my soul. I gave up frosting them long ago. For some reason, my cakes always fell apart when I tried to frost them. My choice is Bundt cake with a little powdered sugar. However, I am always willing to try someone else's confections!

    Lovely goodies from God's Kid... can't wait to see what you do with them!

  5. Glad you like your winnings!!! :)
    Love the blue flowers on the cake!! :)


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