Sunday, June 16, 2013

nuntium centesimum septimum (127th post) graduation

Another end of the year, another round of graduation crosses.  I teach middle schoolers but I do get invited to graduations each year.  It's an honor to be sure and I figure if they remember a teacher from middle school, I should go if I'm able.
motif #12
Our school colors are red and white but I get tired of that so I figure it's okay to branch out.  This cross is Lene Bjorn's which I saw on pinterest.  I think it's Camilla.  I don't have the pattern so I guessed but isn't it lovely?  Does anyone know where I can get this book?

And lookie, what came in the mail!  I'm just like a little kid- I love to get mail and to get tatting surprise is so wonderful.  Anyone want to guess what generous Canadian sent this lovely stuff?  Yes, yes, our lovely Fox!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Fox' tatting is so, so gorgeous and even.  Wonderful!


  1. Beautiful crosses. Yes, that is the Camilla pattern from the book "Tatted Bookmarks-cross shaped." I ordered mine from Handy Hands at "" There are 12 cross patterns in that book. I like how you made the chain and tassle coming off the top of the crosses. Beautiful variation from the original pattern.

  2. Lovely crosses, and beautiful colours together,
    It's always a lovely surprise when Fox sends a little something. She sent me a little surprise the other week, the world of blogging is always full of little surprises.

  3. The crosses are beautiful! Some day I'm going to take tassel lessons from you. Yours are always so perfect! Lovely gifts from Canada!

  4. Fabulous crosses!!! :)
    Great surprises!! :)

  5. Beautiful...I like your version in the 2 colors...I have one in this pattern in progress in a variagated thread and am not hugely excited about how it is turning out, it is ok...just not fabulous like yours. I will have to do it this way next go around! :-)


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