Wednesday, December 12, 2012

nuntium undecentesimum (99th post) My friend Ginny

My friend Ginny.  I have a wonderful friend in Texas.  She is a Latin teacher like me and we share emails most days.  She is NOT a crafter although she is very creative.  She makes the most wonderful Latin-related things at a shop called Anima Altera on cafe press.  If you were looking for wacky but beautiful Latin things for someone for Christmas, I recommend her shop.
Ahem- sidetracked there- what I wanted to talk about was how Ginny is so thoughtful and got me the most wonderful Christmas present.  The last time we were together was in the summer and she paid such careful attention to the tatting and recognized how fulfilling and wonderful I find it.  She made sure to get a present for me that *I* wanted but would never buy for myself.  Now isn't that a wonderful friend?  Gin, you're the best!

Thanks, Ginny!
14 inches of snow can really put a crimp in life.  My husband and daughter shoveled for hours!  We have a long narrow drive and between our house and neighbor's there is no where to put the snow so it has to be moved from there to either the front or the back of the house!  And the driving.  Ordinarily it takes me 15 minutes to drive to school. On Monday it took an hour to get home and Tuesday morning 50 minutes to get there.

And yes, we still had school.

I'll never forget the day Ginny told me school was cancelled because they'd gotten 2 inches of snow- we'd gotten 6 that morning and I was at school as usual!  But to be fair, Texas certainly doesn't have the equipment for snow.  I had to include some pictures of the snow (this is Sunday morning- it kept going all day!)
See my poor rose bush?


The front

Petit Villandry, also known as the patio - fountain on the left in the back.
Latin for today:  plurimum ningebat die Domini  = It snowed a lot on Sunday.


  1. SNOW!!! Beautiful!! They cancel schools around here for any amount of snow and especially ice. Memphis drivers do not know how to drive on ice... at all. lol
    Did I ever tell you that I have a Carpe Diem tattoo? I once had a guy see it, and obviously didn't know what it said because he said to me "Grape Deem! Cool!" To top it off, he said it in the most "pothead/stoner" (very Chong)kind of way and was very sincere. It was hilarious!

  2. No snow here yet... fingers crossed for Christmas! Isn't it wonderful when someone knows just the perfect gift to send? I see many happy hours of tatting ahead of you!

  3. What a nice gift and a special friendship! I'm assuming she knows who Marilee is?

    Oh, dear - that's too much snow! I guess I hadn't been paying attention to the weather across the country! We've been enjoying'mild' weather here in Pittsburgh, but I know that winter is only starting! Can't say I'm looking forward to it!

  4. Your house looks beautiful under the snow! I miss it so much at this time of year... can I come around?

  5. Lovely gift, I hope you enjoy it over Christmas.
    Lovely snow, Only a few flakes would stop the UK, In Scotland who are having some snow today, but down south here in the West Country we don't have the equipment for snow and the country stops, We had a freak snow a few weeks ago it passed over the mendips giving us four inches. It stayed for a couple of days and then disappeared that will do me for the winter. I am not a snow driver and hate the white stuff if I can look at it from the window with the heat on I am fine.

  6. Hi there, Michelle,

    What a lovely gift and a wonderful friendship.

    Wow - so much snow, like the stuff we used to get before the weather went south... Looks as if you will have lots of time for laundry... ; )))

  7. Maravilloso regalos y es un placer tener amigas así.Besos.

  8. beautiful pictures, Merry Christmas
    Bonnes fêtes joyeux Noël ; Magnifique la neige !!!


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