Friday, November 23, 2012

nuntium duodecentesimum (98th post) snowflake and Ruins of Lace

Well, well.  Interesting thing about the book.  It's going to start out here in Minnesota with the Happy Bluebird then take a trip to Indiana with Diane, then wherever Marie lives.  Then either she can send it to Fox in Canada or back to me and then I'll send it to Fox who will send it to England for a visit with Margaret who can send it to Frivole and finally I think it will end up in Poland with the other Tatter/Latin teacher in the world, Asfina!  What do you all think?  Would that be okay?

motif #13
I made a little snowflake with Tatting club.   My first ever non-white one.  It's a pattern (October 10th) from Tatting Patty and the Tatting Club is working on it together.  The kids are so funny because they think I tat so fast.  I don't remember what this thread is but it comes from our generous Diane, Lace-lovin' Librarian.

Fox and I recently exchanged some thread and I made this with the thread she sent.  It's a pretty color although the motif (Vicki Clarke's simple heart) may be too small for the repeat to show well.

This other one is made with Marilee Rockley's Gold Crimson.  What vibrant colors!

I'm ready to make snowflakes but I've got some roses and leaves to make for my mom for Christmas first.

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.  I am grateful for my wonderful tatting friends and this glorious community who shares this simple craft.

Latin for today:  gratias agendum mihi pro amicis est = I must give thanks for my friends!


  1. I hope your and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving Michelle.
    I like your snowflake and your bookmarks, they are pretty.
    That sounds like a fun trip for the book. Are you including a paper in the package so the readers can set down their review of the book in a few sentences? That be interesting to read later.

    1. Ooh yes! What a great idea!!! I will!

  2. Hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving, Michelle.

    Love those motifs - very pretty and beautifully tatted.

    The book idea is terrific. Glad to be on the list and looking forward to receiving it - thanks!
    Fox : ))

  3. The book widen it arrives will be interesting, don't worry Friivole, who lives not far away from me so it will do a little hop skip and jump between us.
    Your little tatting club sounds like fun,and your little pieces of tatting are gorgeous.
    I hope you and your family had a lovely thanksgiving.

  4. I love colorful snowflakes! Apparently, my granddaughters do also... Christmas requests have started. I wonder if I have enough time? ;-)

  5. Great snowflake!! And beautiful bookmarks!! :)

  6. Very attractive bookmarks! Love the spiral chain, tassel, and clever 4-ring motif. Almost looks like a doodad!


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