Saturday, December 29, 2012

nuntium centesimum tertium (103rd post) commissioned work

A woman my sister works with commissioned 6 crosses as gifts for her Bible study group.  Somehow I found the time to make these between Thanksgiving and December 17th.  It seems like I can tat, do school or blog- two but not three, so that's why I'm posting them now.

They are all size 20 thread because she wanted them BIG.
 I can't remember what this pattern is but I've done it a number of times and find it pleasing to make. 
Lizbeth Scottish Thistle / White
Lizbeth Can't Remember /White
 Then I was worried because they were small so I modified it to this.  I like the bigger version.
Lizbeth "My family hates this color" / white
  Motif #14
Mary Konior's small cross / motif #15
I've never made the MK one before, I really like it but it was huge!

These last three are from Lene Bjørn, it's called Maria and I found it on Pinterest. Here is the original site.  I don't have the pattern, I just looked at the picture.  I'm not sure it's completely correct but it looks nice enough.
Lizbeth Blue River Glades/ White?  Sure doesn't look white.

motif #16

I'm a little "crossed"-out.  Snowflakes are the thing now.  Haha!

Latin for today:  otium mihi valde placet - I love vacation!


  1. Nice tatting, Michelle!

    I like them all, except the one about which I agree with your family!!!
    Fox : )

  2. Tatted crosses always look great and you have really worked hard on these, but yes they do come out bigger than expected sometimes. I especially like the Scottish Thistle colourway.

  3. Bellissime croci.Buon Anno, Michelle

  4. Lovely crosses, and lovely colours well done getting them done so quickly

  5. I think Lene Bjorn's book is a must-have! There's not an ugly cross in there. Beautiful tatting has prevailed again! I agree about concentrating on two out of three. Thank goodness for Christmas break!

  6. They all look fantastic. What lovely tatting. I know exactly what you mean by all crossed out.

  7. Nice job on the crosses. They all look good. Glad you got them all done in time.

  8. Beautiful crosses! The Mary Konior design you listed first is tatted in such a beautiful color! Scottish Thistle is now on my must-buy list.


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