Sunday, December 30, 2012

nuntium centesimum quartum (104th post) squamae niveae (snowflakes)

Our last day before Christmas break, we had a teacher inservice day.  I find that I pay more attention when I tat, plus I love tatting so I was able to get some snowflakes made.  These first two are Frivole's Snow Crystals.  The first one has a 1ds SCMR which was tricky until I trusted the force and just did it.    It's a lot like turning a heel in a sock.  If you just do what the directions say, it works wonderfully.  Plus Frivole's pattern has a pictorial tutorial which is clear and easy.  All three are Lizbeth, size 20 Blue Ice.
motif #17 - LOVE this one

If I would just use the picot gauge and trust Frivole, this would have been a lot nicer!  motif #18

I think this one is from Festive Tatting motif #19
Only after I took these pictures and went to hang it on the tree did I realize that the hook goes the other way!

Latin for today: ludis verborum ludere amo.  - I love to play word games.


  1. Love all the snowflakes - and they look great in Lizbeth Blue Ice.

    I wasn't sure how those hooks went either . . .

  2. Lovely snowflakes! I wish I could tat during in services, but I've been told that it's inappropriate. I wonder if they've said anything to the science teacher who writes lesson plans during meetings? ;-)

    Your hooks are great! They're rustic looking, which appeals to me. I wonder if there are any after-Christmas hook sales?

  3. I am sure it was easy to fix. Lovely snowflakes. I wish I had got the patterns from Frivole and tatted some for Christmas.

  4. Lovely snowflakes,, and gorgeous in that colour

  5. Oh, I don't know...I have similar hooks and I like using them that way. Very pretty flakes! I have difficulty focusing if my hands are church I tat crosses or work on a prayer shawl and no one minds, I used to draw my way through inservices and business meetings...easier to hide :-)

  6. LOL! I wondered how you hung them in the tree!! They look very pretty and I bet in the tree they looked fantastic.


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