Monday, December 31, 2012

nuntium centesimum quintum (105th post) more snowflakes

I've had so much fun making snowflakes!  And more snowflakes but I finish them, put them in the pile to be pressed and forget what the patterns are!  Yikes, I hope this isn't old age.
Getting better with Frivole's Snow Crystal
Made for a pretty hostess gift though.

Good grief, I can't remember what this one is! motif #20
This one is Betsy Evan's snowflake - thanks Tatterjil!
Frivole's Regal- with beads! motif #21

Maybe from Festive Tatting?  Very pleasing. motif #22
All Lizbeth Blue Ice, size 20.  I was feeling sorry for myself because I was running out and really shouldn't buy any more when I got an email from Jennifer at Tatting Corner which said I'd won a gift certificate, wow!  First the Ruins of Lace and now this!  I am so lucky!!!
But what thread to get?  Advice?  What's your favorite and what's your favorite color?  I'd love to know.  I know I wouldn't have given Blue River Glades a second thought without seeing it on Frivole's blog but it's a current favorite.  So I'd love to hear from you!

Latin for today:  fortunatissima sum!


  1. The one you can't remember is Betsy Evans' Snowflake! I just tatted it and I think it's going to be one of my favorites. All your snowflakes are beautiful. That's a nice colorway for a snowflake.

    1. Oooh, you are right! I've updated now. Thank you, I hate not giving credit where due!

  2. Beautiful snowflakes
    You asked what my favorite thread is well Scottish thistle, Radpberry Frappe and rainbow taffy.
    I wish you a very happy new year.

  3. Your snowflakes are beautiful! Blue Ice remains a favorite, but I'm really in the mood to try Cranberry Bush #181, a Christmas gift from Denise. I love cranberries, and the thread is gorgeous!

    Happy New Year!

    P.S. ~ received your card in the mail yesterday... thank you!

  4. Lovely flurry of snowflakes. I, too, made Betsy's snowflake and very much enjoyed it. I'm hoping to stay motivated and keep making them - it is still winter!
    My favorite color is still Lizbeth Caribbean. I've only tried it in size 20 but I bet I'd like it in about any size

  5. Lots of nice snowflakes! Thanks for the info about Betty Evans', I like it and just printed it.


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