Monday, January 16, 2012

nuntium undesexagesimum (59th post) TIAS day three

Here is day 3 of Jane's TIAS. I like it although I took out the center ring because I thought my false picot was too long. What a change the internet has made in my tatting life. I never knew that it was possible to open a ring until 30 years into tatting...

But I like the result now. What on earth could it be?

And I made these two bookmarks, nothing new although I tried my Brazilian thread on the simple heart.  I like it although it's kind of slippery.

Next I'm going to try the heart that Frivole diagrammed.  Can't you see these as earrings?

Latin for today:  tempus est coquendum. = Time to cook!


  1. Lovely tatting! I haven't started the T.I.A.S. yet. We celebrated my great-nephew's first birthday and my mom's 80th birthday this weekend... much more important than lace!

  2. Beautiful tatting, Michelle!
    Fox : )

  3. Beautiful bookmarks! I love the varieties of 'tails' and tassels that everyone designs!

  4. Love your bookmarks too! That's Elizabeth Zipay's cross, isn't it? It looks striking in that rich blue. Is the tail braided or tatted?

  5. I think the internet has opened up so many possibilities for us. I was introduced to the Net when I was learning tatting but I've heard of so many people who tatted for years before the internet and how it introduced so many new things to them. In the meantime, I've watched as so many new techniques and new ways of doing old techniques have exploded the world of tatting into a new art form!

  6. Beauitful bookmarks, Yes I can see them as earrings.
    I am doing day three of the TIAS but the mock ring is too loose so I have to uunpick it never mind it will give me another chance to get it right.

  7. Your "Tatted Cross" is wonderful ...I just can't make it better in the vsp section joining,mine is kind of "crooked" in one side there...must make it again and again.
    The Brazilian thread is shiny and really beautiful , what brand is it ? needs starching ?

  8. Great bookmarks!! I love the cross! :)

  9. Gorgeous work! Can you point me to the pattern for the second bookmark? I have a friend who likes "something hanging out of both ends of the book" and that would be perfect!

    1. This one is from Victats- I'm sorry I didn't include the link in the post (lazy!) Here it is: I just made up the end. : )


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