Tuesday, January 10, 2012

nuntium quinquagesimum septimum (57th post) So lucky (again) and TIAS

First, I have to tell you how lucky I am AGAIN!  I won/didn't win Marty's giveaway for her beautiful fractal shuttle.  I loved the design but I like the aeros (Thanks to La Cossette) so I said not to enter me in the comment.  Marty picked me though and she felt bad for me so went out, got an Aero, and made me one too! 

Isn't it gorgeous?
Despite my gigantic Latin event coming on Saturday, I thought I'd give Jane Eborall's TIAS a try this year.  So I dutifully wound my two shuttles to the brim with Lizbeth Boysenberry (a new color for me) and as I was moving the beads, the dread "splitting" happened.  My first time- ARGH!

So I had to cut the thread, get rid of the split and start with hiding my ends.  But I got to try Jane's way and liked it.

Here's my day one.  I have NO idea what it is.

Latin for today:  nullum consilium habeo!  = I have no idea!


  1. Good luck with TIAS. Maybe I'll try it one of these times, but I'm too busy now.

    I really like the fractal shuttle, and how very sweet of Marty to make you a special one! Congrats!

  2. That fractal shuttle looks wonderful - congratulations! How sweet of Marty to do that for you.

    I plan on doing Jane's TIAS but haven't got started yet. I never guess right, just keep waiting for the end when the answer jumps out and is obvious :)

  3. I LOVE your new shuttle! Fractals are so fascinating! I haven't started Jane's TIAS yet. I hope to get time this weekend.

  4. Your shuttle is very pretty. I hope to try TIAS one of these times.....too much on my plate at present. Have fun.

  5. The Shuttle I love it !
    le modèle du flocon sur le blog de garyou!
    merci Michelle je suis sur skype ! bye

  6. I love the shuttle, beautiful colours well done.

    I have no idea what it is, only time will tell.


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