Saturday, October 8, 2011

nuntium tertium et quadragesimum (43rd post) 4 in a day!

Thursday two of my colleagues and I raced around like crazy people to get to the airport after school so we could all go to a conference in Chicago.
We stayed downtown at a quirky but spotless hotel and had a lovely dinner.  We have a lot of fun together anyway but the chance to be away was extra nice.


I got to TAT.  I tatted in my room before going to bed- watched Masterpiece Theater on the computer and tatted.  I tatted in the morning before the conference and I tatted during the whole conference, I tatted on the plane home yesterday.  It's been such a dearth of tatting, this was truly a treat.   (Lest you think I didn't enjoy the conference, I really did and came home brimming with ideas for school too- I just pay attention better if I have something to occupy my hands.)

Since I didn't check a bag, I didn't bring a scissors - boy, was that weird!  I always have a scissors in my tatting stuff so  I had to finish up everything last night.  I did have the pendant clover thing for some cutting but I didn't want to risk having to throw good scissors away.

I tried a new motif (#18)- another cross from  Elizabeth Zipay.  It's lovely and simple.  And while I like doing newer techniques- and feel like I can do them well- there's something also very appealing about just chains and rings.
motif #18

It's all size 20, all Lizbeth except for the little one which is done is one of Anika's lovely HDT and one of Elizabeth's free patterns.

Latin for today:  potesne mihi telephonice scribere?  = Can you text me?


  1. That's a lot of tatting for one conference! Each one is beautiful!

    I would have loved to get together with you in Chicago. I was also at a conference all day... about 2 hours south of Chicago, so I know it wouldn't have worked out.

    I'm glad you were able to spend so much time tatting!

  2. I love the cords!

    Great that you were able to tat and work at the same time!
    Fox : )

  3. Mi piacciono tantissimo le tue croci. Complimenti.

  4. How brilliant to sit and tat through the conference, and lovely crosses, well done,
    I cant take my tatting on the plane here in the UK, due to security the hook would possibly be taken off me and as for sissors they would definately be taken, no sharp items allowed in hand luggage, so I pack all my tatting in the case now.

  5. Oooo, look at all you accomplished! Sounds like you were in my neck of the woods... since I drive to Chicago instead of fly :) Sometime you should post a "before" shot of all of those mysterious threads you were talking about having to trim later. To me, it simply looks like beautiful tatting magic! Haha, maybe that's the plan!

  6. pretty tatting.
    isn't it amazing that Latin is considered such an old language, and yet is still adaptable.

  7. I'm glad you were able to do so much tatting on your trip, and even at the conference!

    You did a great job on Elizabeth's cross patterns. She and I first met in 1998 at Victorian Days in Mercer, PA; and although we live at opposite ends of the State, I have been able to visit her at some of her craft shows during the past few years.


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