Monday, October 31, 2011

nuntium duodequinquagesimum (48th post) celtic silliness and more

Happy Halloween!
We had fun carving pumpkins and my younger daughter loves to decorate!
The front of the house
The girls carved the bottom two pumpkins.

I really did make pumpkin earrings and my students loved them.

Once I got started, I couldn't stop with the pumpkins, some are better than others but the trick is getting the right length, I think.  150 ds is the recommendation but I think mine are about 300.  I was going to make a bracelet.

but then I saw these on Decoromana's blog. These are Elizabeth Zipay's snowflakes.   You can get the pattern here.  I had another conference on Saturday. : )

They're simple and fun.  Here they are in Lizbeth size 20.

And then I tried it with some vintage Aunt Rose-E thread, size 80 or 70- the label is gone.  I'm afraid the thread has actually yellowed but if it's not next to white, it's okay.  And I added some beads, I don't do much with beads but this was fun.

motif #22
Latin for today:  non iam hic ninxit = It hasn't snowed yet here.


  1. looks like snow to me. very pretty snowflakes.

  2. oh, and the pumpkins show very good artistry

  3. Wow - look at that weaving! You are right. I too needed to add more stitches to get the length easier to weave. The trick is finding the best count as too long and the thing looks sloppy. There is a lot of trial and error, but obviously very worth it!
    Fox : )

  4. That's quite a Halloween display! I think Dave misses having kids at home. He used to really go wild at Halloween. If we lived in Minnesota, he'd be over at your house having fun!

    You really went to town on those earrings! I'm still intimidated by all that weaving.

    Love the snowflakes! I'm not quite ready for the real deal, but the tatted flakes have been on my mind!

  5. Wow love your pumpkins, they look brilliant and how you managed to weave them,

    Love your snowflakes, you might have had the snow but the weather is now approaching the UK for tomorrow and its warmed up into rain, we should have webbed feet over here by the amount of rain we get.


  6. What a lot of tatting Michelle! So impressed by those pumpkins (they still defeat me!). Love your Halloween decorations - I'm a big fan of those carved pumpkins (I even made that monster one year, the one at the bottom of your picture), well done to your daughters.

  7. I enjoyed everything on your post! Great tatting!

  8. I just love the Halloween pumpkin earrings, especially since they are Celtic. I don't carve pumpkins as I am by myself, but I do have some outside anyway. I have a lot of scarecrows up though. PS I don't think I could figure out the Celtic design on my own however....


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