Sunday, November 13, 2011

nuntium undequinquagesimum (49th post) Oovoo tatting!

You've probably read about our Oovoo meeting on Happy Bluebird's or Teresa/Dena's or Lace Lovin' Librarian's blogs.  But it was SO fun, I have to do it too.
It started because the last time the Bluebird and I met (by the way, she really is Happy.), I posted about it and several people commented about how nice it would be to have someone to tat with.  And it is.  I can't tell you how energized and excited I am before we meet and then to talk with someone who understands and get frustrated with the same things or can help with the worst thing and make it easy is just so wonderful!  Plus my tatting pal is really fun!
So I thought a little about Skype and tried to figure out a way to do this.  But it's expensive to have an account where more than one can meet and even if you pay it's only for 5 at a time.  Then Teresa recommended Oovoo but you know how life is, I just didn't pursue it and there was work and family and, and, and...

Oovoo lets you do 6 people for free so I thought I would sign up for that.  Friday was "a DAY at school" but I managed to download Oovoo somewhere in there and found out for the first month, you can have TWELVE for free!  What to do?  I don't really know how Oovoo works but TWELVE!  Wow!

So Bluebird and I thought of people to invite (fast) and came up with a quick list- please don't feel insulted if we didn't invite you this time, we were thinking of people in between work, grading, dinner, a high school play, a husband in pain, and emails that we could find fast.  (Kathy N- are you reading this?  Where's your email? )
Oovoo works in two different ways.  One is similar to Skype and one with with web link.  Unfortunately yesterday we tried to mix the two and that didn't work (I'm really sorry Frivole but I think that was our problem.)

Plus we learned that meeting in a public café with a giant coffee machine next to us wasn't ideal.  

So, I'd like to try another Oovoo meeting- what do you think?  Either everyone will have to have Oovoo downloaded on their computers(free) OR we'll all have to use the weblink.  If it works and people like it, I'll get a subcription to Oovoo for my Christmas present and we can do it more often.

And Bluebird, Teresa, Dena and Lace Lovin'- thank you for being my tatting pals yesterday!  What fun!

And lunch was REALLY good.


  1. That was so much fun! I think we should do a small test run of the web link and see if we can get it to work. Maybe we can if it is a more controlled thing.

    Glad you enjoyed lunch - Dena refused to take me out for Chinese. We stayed on together and tried ti figure out the Loop Off Ring that we needed to know for Netty and I somehow managed to stab just below my lip with the point on a shuttle and it really bled! But I did manage one LOR . . . Now to see if I can do it again.

  2. I've never tried the LOR but I'm ready to learn! (I did laugh aloud though, I'm sorry)
    Yes, a trial run is a good idea. : )

  3. Count me in - that was SO fun. And it is wonderful to have a tatting friend to meet with in person. Topped off with lunch!

    OK, I burst out laughing thinking about stabbing oneself below the lip with a SHUTTLE. How in the heck did you DO that? Maybe I need to learn that LOR too. If I don't put my glasses on, I have to hold the shuttle faaaar away from my face . . .

  4. I also had a lot of fun! Lunch wasn't spectacular here... hot dogs for hubby and me... but the tatting part was a blast!

    Maybe someone should start a warning list of possible stabbing situations... lips, hooks in fingers... I'm sure the list is far longer than any of us can imagine!

    Looking forward to the next get-together!

  5. Yes, please count me in for the next tat-together! I missed the first one because I walked away from the computer before the email arrived (moments before) correcting the mistaken date. Boy, was I sorry that I had missed out on the fun!

  6. I was so bummed that I had to miss it! I'm glad it worked and everyone had fun. Please remember me for the next time you plan to get together. I already use Oovoo so I'm ready to go:)

  7. I would love to be an attendee.

  8. I was so bummed to miss it, but I had to work. Definitely let me know when the next one will be, it sounds like a lot of fun.

  9. Know when the next one will be?
    si je peux participer merci michelle?


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