Friday, November 18, 2011

nuntium quinquagesimum primum (51st post) no tea tragedy today

Two posts, two days in a row.  But today involves no tea-dunkin'.

I saw this lovely snowflake on Decoromana's gorgeous blog and decided I had to try it. Isn't it pretty?  An easy tat too.
motif #24

Since I dunked the snowflake bracelet in the tea anyway, I've decided to start over. I think Frivole's suggestion of fewer beads makes a lot of sense so that will be my next try.

Thank you for all the nice comments about the Latin and I LOVE to hear stories about your own Latin teachers,  they are such wonderful stories, I wish I could relate them to the teachers themselves.  We teachers  love to hear these kinds of things so I encourage you to send an email/ note/ card to your favorite teacher if you can and tell them too.  It will really make their day or week or month.

Latin for today:  noli haesitare = Don't hesitate!


  1. pretty little snowflake.
    I know exactly what you mean about hearing thanks from a former student. I got some from a parent of a student many years later, as she had had a question, her daughter was able to answer and when mom asked how she knew, she said that I had taught her that (considering I was never sure she had paid attention in class at all). the parent was pleased and had to tell me. so yes, thanks to teachers really means alot

  2. : ) And the key I think was "I was never sure she had paid attention" phrase. These are often the kids who come back to me or the ones who were stinkers (I say that lovingly) and tell me I was their favorite teacher! I had one come in for a visit on Wednesday- I nearly fell over. Ha!

  3. wzór znajduje się w "Chiacchierino nr 14" w języku italiano, ale jest tylko opis, wzór jest bardzo prosty, daj mi swój email to wyślę Tobie zdjęcie w dużej rozdzielczości i jest bardzo łatwo odrobić, natomiast wzory klockowe znalazłam w internecie.

  4. very nice tatting,
    le fil est beau aussi !

  5. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for your lovely comments, will be back on line 6th, I want to ask you what is the latin for horrbile years please.

    Lovely snowflake.
    Margarets designer cards


gratias maximas- it's wonderful to hear what you have to say!