Thursday, November 17, 2011

nuntium quinquagesimum (50th post) Tatting Tea Thursday goes terribly wrong

Do you ever have brilliant ideas until you do them?  I thought that a snowflakes were so pretty and then- well, wouldn't they look lovely as a bracelet?

But in actuality, not so much.  I'm not sure I should continue.

Here's another picture which I think shows the beads more.

So what's with the title of this post?  Well, I often tat during meetings- I think I pay attention better.  (Or that's my excuse.)  And it was so cold today... so I made hot tea before the meeting which was after school today.

You see where this is going, right?

I was tatting. They handed out papers.  I quickly set my tatting down to grab the paper and....

Yep, there went the tatting into my mug of mint tea.  I had nothing with me to dry the tatting so there I sat with the tatting air drying and me wondering if it was going to change color.  Talk about "damp hands"!

I also admired this motif from Gina and made it lickety-split.  I love how she rewrites these patterns.

motif #23

And lastly, I got a real chuckle out of this today:

It doesn't happen often but this one is a Latin word.  plorabit - s/he will complain.

Latin for today:  noli plorare = don't complain


  1. I think the snowflake bracelet is a wonderful idea! At least you can say you were trying to dye it for an antique look! : )

    It was probably 25 years or so ago that I taught our minister's wife how to cross stitch. She thoroughly enjoyed it and would stitch in bed at night. They had one of those hanging oil lamps that dripped long strings of oil, and... you probably guessed it... her cross stitch sucked up lots of oil during the night. It was a total loss!

  2. Hi Michelle, I am admiring your shuttle. Love how you include snippets of Latin.

  3. I've been noticing Latin words and word origins thanks to you :)

    I usually try to tea dye in a different way, but whatever works, right?

    Love the snowflake - I still have to try adding beads.


  4. Michelle you made me laugh, I could picture you holding your tatting in the air while the meeting was going on.
    I am not into latin until I started reading your blog, its intertesting how you show us latin you are a real teacher.
    I think some of the words verification are using at the moment must be latin, there are some strange ones floating around.

  5. I like your snowflake bracelet, and think it would look especially nice on a dark fabric background.
    I had a fabulous Latin teacher, Mr.Newman, who would come to class dressed in a toga, wearing sandals and a laurel leaf head-band muttering such wisdom as 'semper ubi sub ubi' and waiting to see if anyone was listening and had learned any latin. Every time I read your post with latin words of the day, I think of him and how he made Latin fun.

  6. All I can up with as far as your tea incident is, cogita ante salis! Multitasking while holding a shuttle is - well - trouble!

    I like the bracelet. It is pretty and I think it works.
    Fox : )

  7. Son unos copos muy delicados el resultado va a ser muy fino.Besos.

  8. If the whole thing gets doused with mint tea it could give it a nice aged look? Trying to be helpful here...

    I like the Latin Captcha too!

  9. That sure is a pretty shuttle next to those snowflakes! :-))
    I like your bracelet idea but maybe it's a little too busy with all the beads? I still think it could work though. How about just one bead on the end of the rings?

  10. I too have tatted during meeting. back in high school, I crocheted throughout my senior year during lectures and study halls. (sorry)

  11. There is a bit of serendipity about it being mint tea, which is so refreshing in the winter. I also agree that it would be a lovely bracelet!


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