Sunday, October 23, 2011

nuntium septimum et quadragesimum (47th post) clever girl!

You might think I'm talking about myself but nope!  The clever one is Happy Bluebird.

We met yesterday for Twin Cities Tatters and that was so fun.  We always have a great time and encourage each other to try new things.  This time we thought we'd give celtic tatting a whirl and look at this pumpkin by Ruth Perry, doesn't it look cute?

But it doesn't.  See?

And then it still doesn't.  See?

So Bluebird went home and figured it out and sent me the most glorious, wonderful, easy to understand directions.  You can see them on her blog here.

And now.... drum roll please!

motif #21
I made them into earrings and shall wear them all week!  It's so nice to have a tatting friend- you couldn't ask for a better one than Cindy.

Latin for today:  amica mea est optima!  = My friend is the best!


  1. Awww - there's nothing better than a friend to share tatting with! Great minds = a great team :) Love these little guys as earrings - so cute.

  2. Seriously jealous here . . . no tatting friends for me. Well, I do have a sister to tat with but she's on the other side of the country so we must tat together via Skype or Oovoo. Still, that's better than tatting alone!

    LOVE the pumpkins!

  3. Well, maybe on November 12th, I'll take my computer and you can tat with us via Skype! It is REALLY fun and we'd love to have you.

  4. Adorable pumpkin earrings! (And the ghost is cute, too! Is that a sign of some kind?)

    I'm now anxious to try this celtic chain, thanks to Bluebird's tutorial. I know the earrings would be a big hit with my nieces!

  5. but I don't have any orange thread...... sigh, wish I did.
    great earrings and wonderful to have a tatting friend.

  6. That's adorable, and I love the earring idea. Maybe I'll try them out myself...

  7. I have tried celtic tatting a few times and find it difficult (all those twisting chains scramble my brain!). I have that pumpkin pattern and inspired by your effort, I might give it another try. I shall go over to see the explanations by Bluebird. Cheers!

  8. How wonderful to have someone to tat with, I dont know anyone who tats, apart from my granddaughter who I have not seen for a couple of months, I sit for hours on my own tatting with a hubby that falls alseep.
    Your pumpkins are lovely and well done on mastering the pattern I am off to have a look at Cindys blog.
    thanks for sharing them

  9. Muy bonita esta calabaza celta.Es lo que toca.Besos.

  10. Yea! Success! They look good, and done in time for Halloween. Don't forget they'll work well for Thanksgiving as well!


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