Wednesday, October 12, 2011

nuntium quartum et quadragesimum (44th post) Phew.

the real motif #19
Well, if you read the pattern correctly from the start, then it goes pretty well.

Cornelia was kind enough to point out that initially there are 6 rings not 8!  I wish I could blame this on the pattern being in German but since the numbers were all numbers not words, I don't think I can get away with it.  And I still goofed it up at the end but it's passable.  Here's what it's really supposed to look like.  Gorgeous.

So, what's going on with the Quatrain, Frivole's lovely pattern?  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  It just doesn't seem to be high on my list for the limited time I have for tatting.  I'm not sure why - I suspect it has to do with the nature of teaching.  It takes so long to get results (sometimes years!) that I really crave completion and closure.  And I've got a ways to go with the Quatrain.  Not that I won't do it but just now, it's on hiatus.

Latin for today:  quam pulchri sunt arbores nunc!  = How lovely the trees are now.


  1. I say go for the last round... Maybe it was 'shaped' in the photo you saw?

    As far as your student: Have you taught him how to say 'peanut butter' yet? I will never eat peanut butter in France... LOL.

    -Stephanie Grace

  2. P.S. From the look of the first picture, if the last round doesn't make it want you want, I vote for a repeat of the shown rounds as an Easter egg ornament! :-)

  3. Ha-ha! I never thought about peanut butter before!

  4. I am still laughing and in shock at the same time! A couple of years ago, while in Paris, I was taken to be a French woman (by tourists and even the French themselves) as I bumbled along speaking my ancient Grade 13 French! It just came very easily to me. But I NEVER realized in all my decades of being so drawn to the language, what 'bon - jour' really means! Never occurred to me : )))

    Love the tatting! Yes, it is indeed a motif - just not the one you imagined it would be. So what? So there.
    Fox : )

  5. Well, that's a day brightener too. I'm going to tell him tomorrow!

    Okay I officially declare it a motif! Thanks!

  6. I think the last row might make it. It could always be a pretty skullcap for a little doll if it doesn't work out! ^_^

  7. Before reading, I thought... ooh! Michelle has made a cap for a Christmas ornament! Maybe it's not bell-shaped, but it's still pretty!

  8. Hi Michelle,
    the inner part begins with six rings, I think you have attached 8 rings. Can that be?
    Greetings from Cornelia

  9. oh phew- really? Good grief. That's not even a translation problem- the numbers were numbers!
    Thanks Cornelia!!

  10. I agree with Cornelia,
    I was looking at the original and yours and thinking that there were too many repeats in the beginning.

    add the last round, and you will have a large bell, because you can pull the center up and that will elongate the bell center. right now it is squashed flatter then you will want it.

  11. I thought you were tatting a cap, but reading the comments its a bell, I think you have something wrong but what without the pattern I cant say.
    You must be a good french teacher, I hope he has a bonjour day.


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