Monday, April 18, 2011

nuntium tertium (third post)

Well now, who knew blogging could be so much fun?  I love seeing where the people who are who view this blog!  Leave a comment and tell a little about who you are.  Are you a tatter?  What kind? How long have you been tatting? What's your favorite kind of thing to make?

Yesterday was a very exciting day because I got to teach someone very special, my younger daughter,  to tat.  She's working hard to get the flip and does pretty well.  Here are some of her very first stitches!

and even a video.

I'm a ridiculously proud mom and she's really pleased to do tat too.  Plus all those years ago, my great-aunt made me promise to pass it along to someone else- now I have-twice in my own family!  Also if you look carefully, you might recognize that beautifully blinged shuttle from Happy Bluebird.

I'm working on egg #5 and am hopeful but, truthfully, until it goes all the way around the egg, I never know.  Sometimes it works perfectly and others it's a complete "do-over". The picture will have to wait.

Here's a Latin phrase for you:  ubi est cafeum meum?  non possum iam putare.  = Where's my coffee?  I can't think yet.


  1. After taking four years of Latin in high school, all I can truly remember is Mica, Mica, Parva Stella (Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star). I recite it to my students every year. Mrs. Larson would be proud!

    I became interested in tatting about 42 or 43 years ago. I learned to tat about 20 years ago, but I've only been tatting seriously for four years. I'm a shuttle tatter, and I enjoy collecting all the supplies as much as I enjoy the tatting itself. So far, none of my daughters or granddaughters have shown an interest in tatting. I did teach my mom three years ago, but she's much more interested in weaving. I hope I find someone to pass all my goodies to when my tatting years are over!

  2. Oh to find someone so interested in learning! People comment on how nice tatting looks, but when an offer of instruction is made, the thought is well received, although, it is in one ear and out the other. Keen people like your daughter keep it alive!

  3. Ha, Diane! I remember:

    "Tiniunt, tiniunt,
    Tintinabula.... (Jingle Bells!)

    Also, I had a copy of 'Winnie Ille Pu' for years!
    Very special! ( Mrs. Hambly would chortle.)
    Fox : ).

  4. : ) Look around for that Winnie ille Pu! If it's hardcover and in good condition, it's worth $$$

    Here's a very bad joke for you: What do Winnie the Pooh and Attila the Hun have in common?

    Same middle name.

  5. I learned about 50 yrs ago from my grandmother. I have taught several people to tat.

    I will have to find my old latin textbook. I had it at one time. hmmm wonder where it is?


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