Friday, April 22, 2011

nuntium quartum (fourth post)

In honor of my great aunt- Rose-E, I've decided to try a giveaway on the one week anniversary of this blog.  I've noticed on several blogs including Fox's, Anika's and Frivole's that several people are working with handkerchief edging right now.  I can't attest to the age of these handkerchiefs except they are certainly more than 11 years old (when I inherited them).  They may well be 50 or 70 but I think quite a bit more than 11. 
These hankys have never been used.

The right hanky has a crocheted edge probably done by my great-grandmother.

 That's Rose as a little girl.  She didn't have her own dress and is wearing her big sister's (my grandmother).  She always chuckled at that picture and said it wasn't truly a drop-waist dress.

I'd like to give them to two different people, two hankys per. (Per is a Latin word, btw)  Would you like to give them a try?

To enter, leave me a comment with your name and a way to contact you  AND what is your favorite pattern or technique.  I will use a random number generator and choose on Sunday evening.


  1. Per your instructions, I'm leaving a comment so that I can have a chance at winning two lovely hankies... not that I need any, but they sure are pretty!

    I love Mary Konior's edgings. I just finished a hanky using her Forget-me-not pattern, and I think it's my favorite, at least as of today! The edging I'm working on now is Mary's Hen and Chick... very simple to follow, and it tat's up quickly.

    I have tatted directly on to hankies, and I have tatted the edging separately and sewn it on later. The second method is the one I prefer, but I think some patterns work better tatted directly on to the hanky.

    Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane
    DianeCademartori at gmail dot com

  2. Great hankies! I would love to win one!

    Favourite patterns seem to be what I am tatting at the moment, that being a vintage pattern from Priscilla Book One!

    Fox : )

    p.s. In the unlikely event that you will need my email, you will find it in my profile on tat-ology!

  3. Love the hankies, particularly the ones with roses. Those are my favorite flower. Whomever gets the privilege of receiving these and tatting an edging for them will be very lucky and feel quite honored, I am sure. I have yet to venture into tatting an entire edging, though I have done a few bits of edgings. Those have landed on my 2 year olds shirts...she likes to show off her "pretties" and that makes me happy. Would love to try...the edging I am currently enamoured with is Mary Konior's Aster edging from Tatting with Visual Patterns...beautiful but not so complicated that I would feel overwhelmed by it :-)

  4. Those are wonderful! This is very generous of you. I don't have any favorite edgings, but the ones I like tend to be very frilly!

    I do hope that I'm lucky in this! And in that case, I think my email is on my profile. ^_^

  5. well, I will try this again.
    I would love to win one of these hanky give aways. Thanks for offering them.
    I have no particular favorite edging, as I like to match the look of the lace to the item that it is going on.
    as for technique, I have tatted the edging directly to the item (not always a hanky) and also sewed it on. (13 yrds of tatted lace on my daughters wedding veil)

    you have my email

    Happy Easter (Gauisus Orientales) I have not located my latin textbook yet, so have resorted to an internet translator.

  6. Hi Michelle,

    Sorry I didn't see your giveaway post in time! What beautiful handkerchiefs! I just saw the one that Fox received - lucky ladies! And with only 5 comments left, good chance of winning! Will you be making one yourself?

  7. I think not for a while. I have 154 beautiful little motifs to make!


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