Tuesday, April 26, 2011

nuntium septimum (seventh post)

My second tatting tea Tuesday with the blog!  I'm having my favorite, Moroccan mint.  In the winter, it's from a bag but in the summer, we can grow mint here so it's always "fresh".  Unbelievably it's supposed to snow again tonight.  (Snow has become a four-letter word around here.)

My dear giveaway winners, I corrected and did grades until late into the evening yesterday so no trip to the post office. So, the hankies are not yet on the way- but that gives me a chance to tinker with things.  nil desperandum - they're coming!

I tatted these two crosses for coworkers who have not been offered a contract again for next year- difficult for everyone but especially them.  Unfortunately I have a few more to do...

These are done with Lizbeth springtime, size 20 and I used this brilliant little video to do the tassel and the pattern for the bookmark is from Julie Patterson.

Latin for today:  thea mihi placet.  = I like tea.


  1. The bookmarks are beautiful! I'm sorry that your coworkers have not been offered contracts for next year. I hope they're able to find new positions quickly.

    No snow here, just endless gray skies and scattered showers.

  2. Pretty thread in the bookmarks.
    We have RAIN and f o g .

    Fox : )

  3. I have lots of mint here. how do you do your fresh mint tea?
    pretty crosses,
    sorry for the reason you are tatting them

  4. Isn't that always the way when you grow mint? I grab about 20 mint leaves, put them in my French press coffee pot (never for coffee), pour boiling water over, steep for 3-4 minutes and press down and pour.


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