Saturday, April 23, 2011

nuntium quintum (fifth post)

I met my goal- to finish the eggs before Easter!  My younger daughter made the basket at school (fantastic art teacher!) and put the ribbon and bunny in it for me.  She also graciously painted the eggs.

Here are the eggs individually (except the red which is here).

Which do you like the best?  I have mixed feelings myself.  I'd love to make this edging from Erin Holloway to put around the bottom of the basket but that might be for next year.

Don't forget to post a comment- the deadline is 6:00pm CDT on Easter Sunday for the hanky giveaway.

Today's Latin for you:  oblitus / oblita sum = I forgot.  (use oblitus if you're a man and oblita if you're a woman).


  1. Love these, have been attempting some myself...but sick kiddos, spring break, and other nonsense has interfered with pre-Easter completion :-) Oh well, I will just have to admire everyone elses this year...

  2. very nice eggs Michelle.
    which do I like better, the purple and the green. I like those colors the best, and they show your tatting very well.

  3. They're all so pretty, it's difficult to choose. I'll have to go with the blue egg. After all, blue is my favorite color!

  4. Hooray for completing the goal! Congrats - that was a lot of work adjusting each egg as you went. My favorite is the blue one also.

    I love your Latin lessons - now if I could just remember them from one day to the next :)

    Have a wonderful Easter!

  5. I love your Easter eggs Michelle. I love turquoise so my favourite would have to be the blue one.

  6. The blue one was the first I made!


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