Saturday, July 27, 2013

nuntium centesimum duodequadragesimum (138th post) I am not a Dr Who fan

Despite the myriad TARDIS that show up on this blog, I am not a Dr. Who fan.  I don't dislike it but I don't seek it out either.  My daughters, on the other hand are Whovians.  My elder daughter even owns and wears a TARDIS dress!
For their birthdays in the spring, Cindy, our Happy Bluebird made lovely tatting pouches for them and I was going to tat Anne Bruvold's wonderful TARDIS pattern to put on the flap of each one.  But size 20 was too big and they each got a bookmark out of the deal.  See here.

It's really little!

Even her ipad case is a TARDIS

Cindy recently ordered thread and I got a ball too (we order together and share the shipping when possible).  Size 80, Lizbeth- royal blue which has been renamed in our house as TARDIS blue.
If you haven't tried this pattern, it's really a fun one with split rings and rings thrown off a split ring and even my new favorite, one puny little split chain!

Latin for day:  felix natalis tibi, amica mea = Happy birthday, my friend!  : )


  1. Cute pouch! I AM a Dr. Who fan and love it!!

  2. They turned out so cute! I watched nothing but Dr. Who two summers ago. I loved it! If this summer hadn't been so busy, I might have watched them all again. ;-)

  3. Tatting is so versatile - change the pattern, change the thread size. Very cute tardis. I'm not a Dr. Who fan either, for the record!

  4. I used to be a dr who fan when I was a teenager many moons ago, I like this pattern and its on the list to do. Yours have worked up really well, and they look go on the pouches

  5. really nice tatting, and I love when you can show it off by mixing it in with other mediums thanks for the tips and Ideas!


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