Friday, July 5, 2013

dictum centesimum tricesimum secundum (132nd post) Argh

Ever think you have the perfect idea?  You're so sure it's the best ever.  Then you try it and fizz....
I have a dress with a ridiculously plunging neckline- out of character.  And while I like jewelry, my budget does not and besides I prefer simple to outrageous.  Hence the problem.  Dress with said neckline looks even more "plungy" with tiny jewelry.  So I thought I would tat a pendant.  There was no question in my mind which piece.  I have loved Frivole's Les P'tits Oiseaux since she made it available.  Interestingly, my dress is also Tardis blue (pure coincidence I swear- I bought mine last year) so I had the thread and even some interesting beads from Joann's.
Alas, the bead was just not the right size.  So I distattified and tried the smallest bead.  No again. So, snip, snip, in the bin.

Back to the drawing board.  I had seen on Frivole's blog her version of Marilee's beautiful necklace, Newcastle.  She made it without the outside round and liked it so I gave it a try.
motif #15 (at least the bead fits)

Wish that were my neck!  The color is something between the three you see.


  1. Your necklace turned out beautiful. I'd love to see the dress with the necklace.

  2. Looks great Michelle! I'm sorry Les P'tits Oiseaux didn't turn out but Newcastle is striking when worn. I bet it will look great with your dress.


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