Sunday, July 7, 2013

nuntium centesimum tricesimum tertium (133rd post) Grand-mère

Here's dessert from four nights ago:
We don't have dessert every night but when my neighbor will make the main meal, I can find the time to make tartes.  One of my grandmothers was French- I mean she lived in France, in a tiny town called Imbsheim.  She grew up speaking Alsacian which is a dialect of German with some French in it.  I didn't speak French the two times we visited as children but we communicated. She made me homemade French fries every day for 6-weeks when she found out I liked them.  On a wood stove.  In a house with no running hot water. 
After my first year of teaching, I stayed with one of my aunts and regularly visited Grand-mère.

She was nervous about her French which, of course, was miles past my schoolgirl French.  But I did get her to show me how to make tartes.  Like all her food, it was made with no recipe, no measuring cups and delicious beyond compare. Thanks to her, we are all happy- even Lily once got about half a blueberry one.
And in tatting news, I am still making graduation crosses. I think this is the last one for this year.
motif #17
I saw it on West Pine Creations and had to give it a try. It's from Wendy Durrell and called the Split Ring Cross.  I love how the split rings make the colors work.  (I am tired of red and white though.)


  1. My Grandma Green used to make the best peach pies. I wish I had taken the time to learn from her. It's nice to have family recipes to pass down, especially when they include a pinch of this, a dash of love, and sprinkled with love!

    I can understand growing tired of working with the same colors, but you have made some very pretty crosses this year!

  2. Your tarte looks absolutely amazing Michelle! Has it got "crème patissière" under the fruit?

  3. Your tart looks yummy, gorgeous colours with the strawberries and keiw fruit.
    Lovely cross, I saw the pattern but have not tried it yet


  4. I love your cross and the tart looks devine...I got a bit tired this spring with the navy and gold I was using for school colors, I expect it to be much worse with both girls in the same school next year...and my older daughter will be graduating 8th grade, I would like to do a cross for each of her classmates.

    1. For each classmate? How big is her class? Wow!

    2. "Only" 7, is a fairly small catholic school.

  5. Your grand-mère was beautiful.

    And your baking looks divine. I have no idea how you do that magic!
    Fox : )

  6. What a beautiful story about your grandma. And that tart looks awesome. Love your tatted cross. I love working with red and white. The color contrast is so striking.

  7. Beautiful tart!! :) Fabulous cross!!! :)


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