Thursday, October 18, 2012

nuntium nonagesimum quartum (94th post) Tat-along complete

I'm mostly happy with this.  One of the Minnesota Tat-alongs is complete.  I think I prefer some of the others I've seen in variegated threads.  It seems like the pattern and negative spaces show more.
motif #12
I made those clovers with split rings.  I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out.

I even managed front side, back side on this one.
Lizbeth dark purple and white, size 20.

Yep, I like it.   Thank you, Jon!

Latin for today:  caput meum mihi dolet = I have a headache.


  1. Beautiful, great colouring and well done doing split rings, I did not feel well enough to play with split rings so I did the clovers separate .

  2. This is VERY elegant and classy! Beautiful job! i think the thread combination is excellent! I'm amazed you've had the time to do this. I hope you show it to your tatting students! I believe Jon is going to put a gallery on her blog of all the doilies, which should be quite interesting to see!

  3. Lovely, Michelle! Just grand!
    Fox : )

  4. I like how this turned out - still working on mine :/
    I like the color contrast of the dark & white, how different they all look with different colors and some variegated.

  5. very nice, I like the contrast in the colors. shows up the pattern.

  6. Just the contrast!

  7. Grazie per la tua visita, i tuoi commenti sono sempre graditissimi.
    Ho ammirato i tuoi lavori sono tanti e sempre bellissimi.
    Un abbraccio


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