Monday, October 15, 2012

nuntium nonagesimum secundum (92nd post) Tat-ilicious HDT

That Jess!, she is so clever and kind.  She asked me what my favorite colors were and then created a colorway of it!  I feel so honored that she would do that.  Then she said I could name it too.
 The pressure was on to have a Latin name but it just said "Purple Mountain Majesty" to me.  Even the song played in my head.

Jess!  sent me size 40 and 100, two of my favorites and I made Irene Woo's butterfly heart with it.
blurry iPad picture, guess what I learned here...
Then when my sister stopped by to take my tatting to sell, she wanted to take it too.  I went to snap a picture and put it on my blooming rosemary bush and it entirely disappeared.  Perhaps I misnamed it, maybe it should be Rosemary Bush.
It's like the kids' game, can you spot the tatted heart in the picture?

Latin for today:  Rosmarinus = rosemary (which literally means sea dew)


  1. <3 So glad you like it! and oh yea, that was size 100 I gave you!! :o)

    1. Oops, I've fixed it now! Thank you again!

  2. Jess does dye some beautiful colors! I especially like the ones she's dyed for my daughter, granddaughter, and me! ;-)

  3. That is a really pretty colour and beautifully dyed. Well done on having your favourite colours dyed for you.
    Beautiful heart, yes I did find it in the bush.

  4. Great colour, thank you for coming up with it! I'm waiting for my skein to arrive in the post. Irene Woo's heart is a great pattern... I think I should go tat it again!

  5. The colorway is beautiful! Even with the blurry picture you can see that the heart turned out very nice indeed. What a pretty pattern. I have trouble finding backgrounds for pictures, too.


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