Wednesday, October 17, 2012

nuntium nonagesimum tertium (93rd post) The knot does not care how it is made

I just wanted to share these pictures of very young hands tatting.  These are my tatting die-hards who meet after school on Wednesdays for our tatting club.
We're working on Tatting Patty's snowflake.

Look how he winds for a chain!  I want to "correct" this but I know he'll find his own way.  Besides,  his tatting is great!  The knot does not care how it is made, right?

This week we oohed and aahed over West Pine's tatting kits (have you see these, they're lovely!)

They love my La Cossette shuttles, not only because they're so gorgeous but also because of the bobbin.  I'm hoping to get them each one of the new production ones.  (Wish I could do La Cossette's!)

It's just so fun to see their tatting and excitement.  I was thinking of what to work on next.  Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Patty Duff's mini-tats?

And I've been working on Frivole'Quatrain again- it's such a pleasing pattern to tat.


  1. Funny! Now I don't feel quite so awkward! There is always somebody who makes it look even tougher! Love the way the kids stick to it.
    Fox : )

  2. Brilliant how the kids have taken to it. Amazing how he is tatting but it's not how they do it, it's how it works out and how it looks at the end.

    I also love the bookmark pattern from Joelle, I have done it quite a few times now. Her shuttles are wonderful and I am sure they will treasure them.

  3. Me encanta ver como quieren aprendder.Besos.

  4. You have such a good following with those kids - I'm glad they are so interested and determined to "get it". I think you're so right to not "correct" - everyone tats differently anyway. Who's right? (Probably not me, hehe) The idea is to make the knot, not how :)

  5. I'm so glad you have some kids still tatting! La Cossette's shuttles would be wonderful, but it's nice to know that a less expensive alternative will soon be available.


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