Tuesday, February 7, 2012

nuntium sexagesimum secundum (62nd post) hearts and TIAS

Hearts on the brain and the shuttles.  I tried a motif that I used to tat.  I don't know the original pattern although it looks like the clover leaf heart from Modern Priscilla by Mrs. J.M. Blackman.  Mine is different but I don't know if the modifications are mine from 10 years ago or if the one I originally made had been modified by someone else.
motif #14

And there was still some of my Edmar Brazilian thread on the shuttle so I made this little honey from Workbasket Feb 1988.
motif #15

And I've been keeping up with Jane's TIAS although not keeping up with posting the pictures.

Yesterday morning we were treated to seeing this guy on our way to school. One of the many benefits of living by the Mississippi River.  Wow.

Latin for today:  aquila vera est.  = It's a real eagle.


  1. I love your hearts in that beautiful thread - especially that first one.

    And the eagle looks so majestic - what a treat on the way to work :)

  2. Fun little hearts...such pretty thread! Always love seeing eagles, they are awe inspiring!

  3. Gorgeous hearts, thank you for sharing your eagle, my husband would love to see him he's fond of eagles, his wedding present from me was a model of a nest with two bald eagles feeding their young


  4. Très joli !le coeur!
    wonderful tatting
    salut corinne

  5. Love the hearts and the thread! I've always been fascinated by eagles. I've only ever seen one, in the early 70s. Maybe I need to drive along the Mississippi!


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