Tuesday, February 28, 2012

nuntium sexagesimum quintum (65th post) Ridiculously excited

I'm working on another handkerchief- another former student is getting married and I thought I would give MK's Bridesmaids a go.  (I started Maids of Honor but didn't like it).  I saw that in the corners on round one there is a ring to be made separately.  But after Jane Eborall's TIAS  and the SCMR in it, I thought I could get that ring this way.

And I think it's going to work.  Could it be?  I NEVER try things like this.  I'm a pattern follower, could this be the next stage of development?  It only took me 33 years to get here.

Latin for today:  tristissime tempestas nos praeterit = The storm is most sadly going past us.


  1. congrats on figuring out another way to do something. fun isn't it.
    well, I don't know exactly where you are, but be glad the storm is passing you. we are scheduled for 12+" before it is past us tomorrow. we got 9 last sunday, which nearly doubled the amount of snow we have gotten this winter. sheesh, nothing like waiting until the last minute.

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Love you new hanky edging, beautiful colour. And I'm impressed by your corner, so clever I can't even figure out how you got that ring floating above like that... you'll have to tell us!

  3. Wow! You figured that out on your own? I'm so impressed! The ring looks great. I've avoided this pattern, because it looked too complicated to me. I may have to drive up this summer so that you can teach me! : )

  4. Edging is very pretty and the route to it not at all surprising! After all, you have posted 65 times! What's a little pattern deviation? Congrats!

    That teal is lovely...
    Fox : )

  5. I think it looks fabulous! It'll be a lovely and meaningful gift!

  6. Well, now the tatters are assured that those "33 years" of yours are fully justified ;). As I previously said, you have your own way of making people smile :)
    Wonderful piece, I would like to see it all, when is finished.

  7. Mi sembra molto carino questo bordo!

  8. El pañuelo va a quedar hermoso.Besos.

  9. beautiful tatting!
    j'aime beaucoup ce modèle en bleu nuit

  10. 33 years? Oh my, I've only been tatting for 2 1/2. I think with the colorful fibers and interesting patterns, there is a variety for all to enjoy --- no matter what level the pattern is. (beginner, experiences, etc.)

    this will be quite beautiful once finished!


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