Thursday, March 10, 2016

More snow- nuntium duocentesimum

I'm very pleased with myself because I usually plan to make snowflakes all year but don't.  This year I've been better, in fact making and making them.  So periodically I try something new.  I had to chuckle about this one though because Etsy sent me an email suggesting things I might like and I did.  It's Robin Perfetti's Winter Frost.  I chuckle because I already owned it, just hadn't made one.
Not blocked well, is it?
It's quite pleasing to make but my daughter doesn't like it.  She couldn't really give a reason.  (Or didn't want to hurt my feelings?)

Sadly, one of my colleagues had to take a medical leave so I made him this one.  Just my "go-to" cross as usual but I like it.

And thank you to the tatters who have sent or are sending little bits for my new tatters.  Next week we'll meet on Monday and I'm so excited to give them these bits of tatting from you!  (Plus the bonus for me is that I "met" Heidi, a tatter who works just down the street from where I live!  Now she's stuck with me as a new tatting buddy, poor thing!)


  1. I have that snowflake pattern also, and I have not tatted it yet! I love that you make crosses for friends who need a little encouragement, something we could all do.

  2. I don't think I've seen this pattern of Robin's before. It's a lovely piece, but I would think it will need a great deal of stiffening to hold its shape on the tree. I love the way you did the tail on the cross bookmark. It gives the finished piece a special elegance.

    1. I was thinking I might have to try Muskaan's rolling pin method on it although it's fairly good. I just don't think it would stand up to much humidity as is. (Fortunately not a huge problem in December in MN!)

  3. Beautiful bookmark,
    Lovely snowflake, I have the pattern but as yet not tatted it, yours looks lovely

  4. Hübsche Motive! Sie gefallen mir beide!
    Lieben Gruß von Cornelia


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