Saturday, March 19, 2016

Le Flocon Frivole- nuntium duocentesimum tertium

So it snowed this morning- really.  I don't know why that should be a surprise.  It is March after all.  It used to be our snowiest month.  It's all melted now but after the gorgeous few days we had last weekend, it was a bit hard to bear.  (Not really a crushing problem though.)

I continue to make snowflakes and even though I've had this pattern for SIX years, (do you believe that, Joëlle?) I think I only made one or two.  I have NO idea why.  It's gorgeous and tats up very nicely.

I (re)present Le Flocon Frivole.

My daughter took this photo, she's so much more creative than I.
Twin Cities Tatters got together this morning.  It's so, so nice to have other tatters, to share. to think to look at patterns, to puzzle together.  I just love it.  Plus, I learn about new things too.  Such a wonderful thing, thanks Cindy and Katie- what fun today!


  1. No snow here, but the weather was a little cooler. I'm starting to wish that I had decided to tat snowflakes this year. However, I do love my Spinning Wheel glass mats! ;-)

  2. It is good to see tatted snowflakes again, but not so good to see the real snow! It is very cold in England at the moment, so looking forward to signs of Spring weather

  3. It was really chilly here in Arkansas today, but the sun was thing. Looks like you slipped into production mode with this snowflake. Very lovely.

  4. Your snowflakes are gorgeous!!! :)
    We had snow Friday morning.


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