Wednesday, March 16, 2016

More generosity- nuntium duocentesimum secundum

Even more things have rolled in for the new tatters and let me tell you, they were speechless!  Their grins were completely contagious and we all sat around admiring the goodies and marveling about these most generous encouragers.
Gorgeous ice cream from Eliz 
Fabulous Oren Bayan threads, angels and butterflies from Margaret

And just in case you think I've been slacking, here are last week's snowflakes!
Four of Frivole's Bentley

Hopefully that's the only kind of snow we'll see on the patio for the next several months!


  1. Not surprising they liked their goodies, they look wonderful. So do your snowflakes. I like this kind of flurries.

  2. How exciting that these new tatters have already begun their collection of pieces from other tatters. I know I treasure the tatting I've received over the years. It cheers me to pull out my hat box and admire them now and then. I always put some of them on display when I'm teaching or demonstrating.

    Love your collection of snowflakes, too. You have been very busy.

  3. So glad they arrived in record time, I hope they employ them. It was my pleasure.
    Gorgeous array of snowflakes, hopefully we don't get any of the real stuff for many months to come,

  4. It is great fun sharing tatting with new tatters!

  5. Wish one could’ve see their faces, their expressions ! Very inspiring & generous of all these wonderful tatters ...
    Love your snowflake flurry, not going anywhere in a hurry :-)

  6. Muy linda toda la colección.Besos.

  7. You are awesome! What a way to inspire their interest - generous tatters and a great teacher :)

  8. I for one am very glad that there aren't more flakes than pictured here!! Now if we could get temps where ice cream cones would be welcome ... ;-)


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