Thursday, July 30, 2015

Success? Not really... -- nuntium centesimum octogesimum secundum

Well, I tried it.  A beautiful and small motif with clunies.

Mine isn't so beautiful but as my elder daughter says, "It's your first try."  It was and I'm determined to get better.  I tried two different ways to form the loom.  For me, Portela Julie's is the best although my poor hand looked like a claw for quite a while after.  This silly motif took me 2.5 hours!  Yes, I know there should be 8 leaves but this looked like enough...
There are two clunies that I like...
And now for the educational portion of the blog.  Apparently clunies are called such because they were originally displayed in the Cluny museum of Paris.  This is my favorite museum (quelle coincidence!) because not only does it house an amazing collection of medieval art and the Lady and Unicorn tapestries (not to be missed); it is built in/on the structure of a set of Roman Baths when Paris was still called Lutetia (= mud city).  You go through the baths portion on the way to the medieval parts but you can miss them if you don't look left and right.  And I advise that you walk into the various Roman rooms too, they are in fantastic shape.  This little museum is a skip and a hop from Notre Dame but rarely has many people in it.  You can tell it's housed in baths because of the telltale domed windows and the red brick striping that is common in that kind of Roman architecture which can be seen even as you walk by.  And to top it all off, there's a sweet mini-park across from the entrance with a copy of Rome's she-wolf!


  1. Interesting! Clunies or tallies are tricky, there's no getting away from it, and you've done well, give yourself a pat on the back.

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    1. The Cluny Museum! I burst out crying when I saw The Lady and The Unicorn! You're right; no one was there. The place was almost empty.

      Years before, I had completed a large needlepoint piece that my parents brought me from Paris.... You gotta love the originals.

      Your cluny looks super. My initial attempts were NOT impressive. Yours is. Congrats. : )

  3. It doesn't look a first try! I tatted around an hanky as a first try at cluny and only when I reached the start again they looked quite good! Great work!

  4. Your tallies are Superb , and so is the little medallion :-)
    My first tallies had sparse packing down of weaves -- yours are very even & neat . Congratulations :-)

  5. You're doing great with your clunies Michelle, I'm impressed. I didn't find them easy to do at all. :-)

  6. Lovely clunies, Don't put yourself down they do look good.

  7. This is wonderful I love it! There will be no stopping you now! Congratulations!

  8. P.S.Love all the fun extras about the museum!

  9. P.S.Love all the fun extras about the museum!

  10. Ah thanks! You are all so encouraging!

  11. Para ser el primer intento te quedaron muy bien.Besos.


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