Saturday, July 25, 2015

clunies - nuntium centesimum octogesimum primum

I've long admired cluny leaves in tatting and while I understood the concept, I just couldn't quite get the actuality to look like I wanted.  But then I saw this video on Les Frivolités de Pandore.  The tatter is French and while there is French text, I believe you could learn from just watching.  The video is clearly done.  (And I love her blog because of a wonderful pun.  Frivolité is the French word for tatting- you probably knew that- and the French adjective "frivole" means "frivolous" just like you might think.  This charming tatter ends each post with "Soyons (= let's be) frivoles", basically "Let's be frivolous" and "Let's tat" in one delightful pun.  I smile each time I see it!

Here are not my very first efforts (previous years)  but certainly the ones I've liked the best.
practice Cluny leaves in Lizbeth size 20
I first started really liking clunies in the beautiful work of Elisadusud.  I haven't seen anything new from her in a long time but her work continues to inspire.  Do you like to do clunies?  How about a favorite pattern?  I don't think I have one pattern in all my books with one.  Do you have a favorite book whose focus is clunies?


  1. I have been learning and experimenting with Cluny Tatting these past few weeks -- I adore the freeform shapes. My oval/classic tallies are still not consistent & perfect but I really enjoy the natural leaf & petal shapes.

    Your tallies look very nice, and the 3-colour one is quite intriguing because of the even placement of multiple colours :-) Hope you make more.

    I agree about Julie's remarkable video -- a Must for any beginner.
    And Elise du Sud's Cluny work is simply amazing ! So elegant, versatile and inspiring.

  2. I enjoy reading posts about clunies, and I think they look really cool. However, I've never had a desire to learn how to make them because of the way the hands have to be held. My friend Denise bought a cluny loom from Georgia Seitz. I guess I'll have to wait and see if the cluny bug bites me!

  3. I still can't quite make clunies even enough, though I haven't practiced much either - no pattern has gotten my attention enough to give me the drive to do it. Your clunies look darn good to me! Love the pun 😊

  4. Thanks for explaining the pun, which is lost on us non-French speakers. I learnt to do clunies and have admired work with clunies, but it's not my go-to technique. Well done for getting it right!

  5. Son dificiles, pero bellas.Yo las hago con telar para que no se me cansen los dedos.Puedes ver en mi blog un sachet con clunys.

  6. I tried to watch the video and it said it was disabled, I love clunies and make them a lot too. I have a video on You tube too called "tatting cluny lace from Madtatter80" they are fun are yours looks great!

  7. When I look at it on the blog, it says disabled and then gives a youtube link which works for me...

  8. I avoid clunies, just can't get the hang of them, but I often look at patterns with them and they do look lovely, I will have a look at her video


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